Review: The Karate Kid

A lot of remakes have been made recently, and Karate Kid was at the top of my list. I’m a huge fan of Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith has a lot of potential. The story of a kid moving to China from Detroit and having no friends and doesn’t speak Chinese. Jaden plays the role of the kid who gets beat up and learns Kung Fu from Jackie Chan to face his fears and beat everyone. The story is told a different way then the original but I like the route they took, makes it less cheesy and pulls you into the story. I was a bit annoyed with some of the supporting characters, they should have been a little bit more colorful, a little bit more attitude. The relationship between Jackie Chan and Jaden in the movie as Master and Student is great, with the right amount of humor. And the fighting is pretty good, you could tell he went through a lot of training, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but it was a funny movie to watch, I wanted it to be better but I had high expectations, still a fun movie to watch.

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Karate Kid – Trailer

Who isn’t a fan of Karate Kid from the old days, we all did that move at the end, don’t lie you know you did. After that movie I thought I could beat anyone up, but I severely wrong and ended up with a bloody lip. I think I was just missing Mr Miyagi and I would have been good to go, but this movie is looking good to. Seems like Jaden Smith is making his name from movie to movie, he did pretty well in Pursuit of Happiness, and now an action martial arts movie with Jackie Chan. This is the first Western Movie that I see Jackie Chan playing a serious role, and I like where this is going. There is humor tied in with the serious part of the story, Jackie Chan plays an interesting role, and I like the role Jaden is playing.

Karate Kid – The Remake

Now this I wasn’t expecting, a lot of movies have been remade over the past 10 years and have been done mostly successfuly. But now a new remake is on the horizon, this many can relate to, the reason why Karate rose to such a high level during the 1980s and everyone started taking those Karate classes, everyone wanted to have a Mr.Miyagi as their teacher but now its taking a slightly different twist.

Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) is now the new Karate Kid, and the master is none other then Jackie Chan. I’m not sure what to expect from this combination of actors and Will Smith is producing the movie. It does a slightly different feel but with the same idea as single mom moving from the US to China, but I wonder how this is going to turn out, but I’m looking forward to it.

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