Starbucks – Out Of Stock


It seems everyone is getting affected by the lack of all forms of milk from KDD these days but Starbucks takes it one step further. During this amazing rain I felt like getting a drink while finishing up some work this Saturday morning. To my surprise the place was packed in Bida’a, waited in line while on the phone. Got to the counter, asked for a Mocha Frapaccino, she gave me a mix of other ingredients with chocolate, and something else thrown in and it tastes the same. I said fine, instead let me have Raspberry Frapaccino, then she said they are out of stock of that as well but they have the Mango version. What I don’t understand is that they are constantly out of stock of the Raspberry Frapaccino, I would think they would see the demand and slightly stock up on it, but this is the case in a lot of the locations.

Well, I walked out and since I was close to Dahia Abdulla Al Salem I went to the Juice Place there and got me an Embra6oor (Emperor) which hit the spot while driving in the morning.


At work I rarely think of food, I do get hungry but I don’t think I can have lunch during work because it would probably slow me down. The one thing that I do have is KDD Chocolate Milk and it does the job until later in the day. I have to say one thing about all the dairy companies and whats available. I really think that KDD is the best of them, Petra and ABC taste horrible. Everything from their juices, dairy, and ice cream really tastes bad or weird. I don’t think anyone can top KDD anytime soon, I really don’t care how its made I just love the way it tastes.

My Vice

Recently I have been coming home watching some tv shows or anime, and every time I sit down I eat some KDD Toot, the Raspberry Toot. I would sit down in front of the screen and eat two, then 15 minutes later I would head down the basement and get two more form the freezer. I would make sure that there would be at least some ice cream in the vicinity while I’m watching these shows, and these ice creams are really light so I can keep eating a lot of them. I think the most I have eaten in one day is ten pieces and at least two pieces, I remember I used to eat a lot as a kid but I know I’m hooked again.

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KDD Factory

Friday morning involved roaming around Shuweikh for some places. We were looking for Ace Hardware at 8:30 am and we thought we knew where we were going, but we were completely wrong. I thought it was close to IKEA but A2Z and True Value was around the area, it wasn’t Ace Hardware, we did end of somewhere unexpected which was the KDD factory. We walked in and it seemed like heaven, every juice you could imagine and lots of ice creams.

We spent a good 20 minutes waiting for the ice cream machine to kick into gear, but still we didn’t get any ice cream. When we asked for some Rockets or Raspberries they said they sell them in packs of 10, so that wasn’t an option. We left empty handed but next time we shall be stocking up on all forms of ice creams. I don’t care what anyone says, KDD is superior to both Petra and KDCow, so much better there isn’t even a comparison when it comes to the Ice Creams.


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