Touch – Fox Show Trailer

What if fate is a formula?

Here’s the long-awaited trailer for Fox’s new supernatural drama Touch, created by Tim Kring (Heroes), starring Kiefer Sutherland as the father of a mute boy who can predict the future. It actually looks quite good from what we see here, strongly evoking the Person Of Interest concept (replacing a mysterious “Machine” with a little boy) with flashes of Rubicon (Danny Glover basically plays the half-crazy analyst James Badge Dale’s character visited for answers). Interesting to note they’ve stopped calling the boy “autistic” and he’s now just “mute”, too.

Its been a long time since I have seen Keifer Sutherland or Jack Bauer in a show, how different will this be, will be it as intense. I’m really liking the idea and it can come off as an amazing show, I like the idea behind it and I think Keifer Sutherland can pull it off.

Jack’c Time Is Up


This very sad moment has been officially announced, season 8 is the last season of 24, no longer will we have the moments of Jack Bauer sacrificing himself to save everyone else, doing what others can not do. At least they are ending 24 on a high note, and I honestly wouldn’t want it picked up by another studio unless its the same people and crew working on it.

I watched the first few episodes of 24 at the season premiere and it was so good that I decided to wait and watch the rest of them one shot. Waiting week to week for this amazing show kills because I can’t wait to know what is going to happen next or what Jack is going to do.

This will bring 24 the feature film on track based on their previous comments, now lets see how long that’s going to take, its rumored to be taking place in Europe.

Link: TV Squad