Ariel Atom 3.5

Every man should drive or at least ride in this car in his life time. There is just a an insane thrill when it accelerates and it is a bundle of fun on the road. The Ariel Atom is known for being a very fun car to drive, and now with these improvements they have just modernized it a bit and given the engine a nice bump.

This crazy-fast ride still has the 2.0L 245 hp engine found in the Atom 3 but there’s now a supercharged variant with 310hp. It has projector headlamps, LED signals, a stiffer chassis and improved suspension. I especially like the modified lights, it looks clean, and I bet its a ton of fun on the road.

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Ariel Atom 3 Wimmer RS

The Ariel Atom 3 is already an insane vehicle on the road, its more like a go-kart on steroids able to take any turn at high speeds, and fly in any direction. You must have the skill to control the car since its extremely light and very powerful. Wimmer RS took this machine one step further by tuning it and replacing a few parts to take it from 300 hp to 340 hp.

This machine can do wonders on the track, and now its even faster then before. Not to say that it wasn’t fast in the first place but this is just an insane amount of power. With the little boost it can do 0-62 mph (100kmh) in a shockingly fast 2.8 seconds.

Link: Autoblog

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