2008 Lamborghini Estoque Concept

I don’t care what anyone says, this is one beautiful machine. You can see all the characteristics of a Lamborghini sports car in its DNA. I wonder what kind of engine they would place in it and what price tag it would carry. The sharp edges, sporty interior and persistent Italian styling are apparent, now to see when they put it into production. 

Link: SeriousWheels

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Chrome Hamann Lamborghini LP640 For Sale

Asking price for this machine is $625’000, I think that it is just one painful vehicle to look at. No matter what you do the sun is going to be in your eye and its going to be hot as hell to touch. It is an interesting vehicle to look at for sure, but I feel really sorry for whoever has to clean that car. 

Link: Carzi

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Sharpie Covered Lamborghini

Unless you take up residence in Dubai or Beverly Hills, any time you pull up in a Lamborghini you’re gonna get more attention than a red carpet nipple slip. But if you do live in an area where Lambos and Ferraris are as common as Dodge Chargers, you may want to let Prestige Imports give your super car a makeover like the one they gave to this Gallardo.

There’s not much information on the car, except that the graphics that envelope the Gallardo were hand drawn on with a Sharpie marker and then covered with a clear coat. If we were to buy a Lamborghini, it’d be flat black, Bruce Wayne style. But, hey, to each their own. Check out more photos of the car below.

Now this is an interesting vehicle, never thought that to someone would take a sharpie to a vehicle to make stand out. And even with the clear coating what would this person do if it washes off, and what if he has an accident how the can you fix something like that, I wonder what his insurance costs. Still looks good in a different kind of way really.

Link: ComplexBlogs

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Insane Vehicle Detailing

I don’t think there is a person out there who doesn’t like to a have a clean car, but this is one amazing job. I probably detail my car once every three to four months and this person detailed his car to another level. This detailing was done by a UK company it took four days and 1300 British Pounds. It includes all forms of cleaning as well as major scratch and paint correction. They also take pieces of plastic off the car to clean it correctly which is great, the picture above is before the wash and the picture below is after, but take a look a link below for a detail breakdown of all the steps taken, its fantastic.

The car looks amazing after all that work, they really cleaned it up. The only place I know in Kuwait that even comes close to it is Al Falah Car Wash after the work they did with my vehicle. They usually take a two days per vehicle or a little more depending on what they are doing.

Link: Detailing World

Mall of The Emirates Entrace

This the usual scene at Mall of the Emirates main entrance, two rows of cars parked and one lane left for cars to move in. There are a lot of nice customized cars, and they belong to certain people, you can tell by the license plates of these cars. It was also doesn’t help that its very humid in Dubai and they are saying it hasn’t even peaked yet with the humidity.

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