Machine Guns Vegas


This is one place that reminded me of being in a movie, rarely do you get the chance to shoot these types of weapons let alone shoot at a facility this cool and entertaining. Most gun ranges have a small amount guns for rent and a few in Las Vegas where you can shoot some mean guns, but Machine Guns Vegas is a gun range on another level, lets call tactical entertainment because this isn’t your run of the mill shooting range.


You greeted in the open seated area, and we booked the Full Auto Experience which included the VIP Room, Complete AK 47 rifles and 8 Machine Guns and a few guns thrown into the mix. Honestly there was so many weapons to choose from and half of them I didn’t know but I liked the way they looked and we got a few recommendations from the guy working with us to shoot which guns and which ones are a different experience. There was one weapon which I thought was a bit too much for me, a fully automatic shotgun, that honestly was above my capabilities, so Bu Faisal took it and made some big holes.


The Guns We Shot:

  • M60 – Felt Like Rambo
  • M249 SAW – Schwarzenegger vs. The Predator
  • M4 – Right On Target
  • HK MP5 – No Aim What So Ever! lol
  • FN SCAR – Loved This Gun
  • SPAS 12 – Fully Automatic Shotgun, Scares the Crap Out Of Me!
  • KRISS SUPER V – Very Funky Weapon
  • 410 Shotgun – Felt like a Cop Movie
  • Desert Eagle .50 AE – Almost broke my Wrist


Price Per Person was $575 and we were two people, took us about 1.5 hours to shoot all those bullets and it was well worth it. You have the gun range all to yourself and shoot as much as you can and you can keep adding more weapons and getting more bullets, the fun just doesn’t end. If we didn’t have a 4 hour drive back to Los Angeles we would have kept on shooting, it was honestly the best shooting range I have ever been to. And I love the targets, they were very creative, zombies and bad guys, and sometimes you have to save the cheer leader but you end up putting holes in her too.

Link: MGV


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Guns Blazing In Las Vegas

A few months back I was in Las Vegas for a few days, and at the time I was with a friend and he recommended that we do some shooting. I’m a little paranoid about going shooting in the US. I always think that thrown in the back of a police car, and I will disappear with from existence and end up an unknown interrogation facility. But I know that was just ridiculous so I went with my friend and I even gave my Kuwaiti drivers license as identification which they accepted. When I walked it I was amazed at the amount of weapons hanging on the wall. For those of you who don’t know Neveda is one of the few states that Fully Automatic Weapons are legal and can be used in the shooting ranges. I have shot some hand guns before but never a machine gun in my life and I was feeling risky.

My friend chose the big black one which could blow holes through walls and a flame which shot out about 1 meter out of the nozzle. In my case I chose the cool looking beige and black gun which turned out to be a modified M16 which fits AK47 clips, I won’t lie it was INSANELY cool. I went into the range and shot single rounds, then set it to fully automatic after I got comfortable. I tried short burst and that gun is LOUD, adrenaline and testosteron levels were through the roof. When I held it down for fully automatic the gun started swinging to the right quickly and luckily the instructor was standing right behind me and held me so I would stay in place. Those guns are no joke and if you have never experienced shooting a fully automatic weapon then you are really missing out. The best part is that you get to shoot a $70’000 weapon for $150 and $40 for a lot of rounds.

Link: AmericanShooters

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The Losers – Trailer


An explosive action tale of betrayal and revenge, “The Losers” centers around the members of an elite Special Forces unit sent to the Bolivian jungle on a search and destroy mission. But the team–Clay, Jensen, Roque, Pooch and Cougar–soon find that they have become the target of a deadly double cross, instigated from the inside by a powerful enemy known only as Max.

Making good use of the fact that they are now presumed dead, the group goes deep undercover in a dangerous plot to clear their names and even the score with Max. They are joined by the mysterious Aisha, a beautiful operative with her own agenda, who is more than capable of scoring a few points of her own. Working together, when they’re not arguing amongst themselves, they have to stay one step ahead of the globetrotting Max–a ruthless man bent on embroiling the world in a new high-tech global war for his own benefit. If they can take down Max and save the world at the same time, it’ll be a win-win for the team now known as The Losers

This looks like a fantastic movie, there is never enough movies about fighting, getting revenge, and a lot of ass kicking going around. Starring Zoe Salanda as the ass kicking hotty (formely in Avatar), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaenada and Chris Evans. A great bunch of actors making for an elite team of warriors out to extract their revenge and blowing up a lot of things on the way. April 23rd it will be out in Theaters!