Yahoo Mail – Deactivated

I was able to use Yahoo services such as Flickr, since I’m constantly using it and updating and checking pictures. But I think it has been at least since November or October of last year that I checked my Yahoo account. I wanted to log-in and see if they have changed the interface or made any changes since last year. When I tried logging in, I was told that my account was deactivated and I would have to go through a process to reactivate it, registered an emergency email, went through the hoops again of registering information, and all my previous mail and contacts were wiped but I wasn’t too worried since I didn’t use it for much, or don’t remember using it. Now it states that if I don’t check it for four months it will deactivate again or I should buy Yahoo Mail Plus so that it doesn’t deactivate. Yahoo’s interface is much better then hotmail, but GMail is still far in the lead. But in the numbers game Yahoo is number 1, Hotmail/Live is number 2, and GMail is number 3, and they are all still growing.

MyUS Shipment Experience


I have tried a lot of shipping companies and very few have been as consistent as MyUS with all my products and taking care of the shipments. The best part of MyUS is consolidating all your items into one big heavy box and so the shipment comes out to be cheaper then expected. What I really like about them is that they pay attention to the details, they send you an email with all the items that they recieved and when they consolidate the items they either keep the invoices together in the box and list the accumulated value which makes it easier for customs. They ship through three options, UPS, FedEx and DHL, and usually Fed Ex has the cheaper charges and they are very consistent in their shipments always 3 to 4 days from the moment it hits their mailbox. For small items that I don’t care how long they take I send it over to Aramex since it cheaper but it takes an average of a week to ten days, another decent service is UShopWeShip from what I heard, but the nightmare I just heard about is DHL since they changed their pricing structure without notification from Mark’s post. Overall MyUS has been consistent and they are very accomodating, and I’m going to stick to them even though they are a bit more expensive in the small items, but what I do is try to order a few items together for a heavier weight one shot and then shipping them, it has worked out to be cheaper then Aramex. Whenever I ordered a model or a large computer part Aramex would charge me an arm and a leg but with MyUS its within reason.

Link: MyUS