Walking Around

While in Dubai for two days we walked nonstop back and forth between places, their isn’t too many places which are designed for walking. There are lots of entrances and exits into the Mall but their are a lot of areas around it to walk and also other places in Dubai that you can walk a lot indoor or outdoors. The first day my calves were straining but the second day it was a bit better, I don’t walk around as much in Kuwait. The only place to walk as much is inside Avenues Mall and by the Scientific Center. There needs to be more development of our areas for people to walk, I see people walking every day in the Mishref walkway but there has to be other areas which can be nicer and more fun to walk, they can develop those areas and make more interesting. The area in front of Blajat which has been under construction for a long time now. The Showbiz which was under construction then Parliament took it away and did nothing with for three years now and counting. There are open spaces in Kuwait but they do need some work to look good and attract people to them. The Scientific Center was a fantastic idea and lots of people love it, it needs some improvement these days but we want more ideas such as those. Marina Waves and Marina Crescent are also areas that people enjoy walking, we need more waterside developments, and there are a long list of developers who are willing to do build them.

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I kept hearing from my cousin and a few others about Fatburger so I decided to try it out while in Dubai. Its located in Dubai Mall on the basement floor towards the end, its a ridiculously long walk to it but really worth it. When I walked up the staff had an American trainer and it turns out this is the first time it opens outside the Middle East. There menu is simple but you get a lot of items to add or remove from the burger, there was a guy from the states telling the people working there how to cook and how to talk to people.

I ordered one Fatburger Double and Chilli Cheese Fries while my friend ordered a regular Fatburger. It looked good, it look fresh and at the end it tasted as good as it looks. It wasn’t oily or heavy at all, after I was done with the burger I felt that it wasn’t enough, I was done with it quickly, so I ordered another one to satisfy my hunger. That was a damn good burger, it tasted fresh, and it didn’t feel heavy at all once you are done with the meal.

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Dubai and Back

This was one hell of a quick trip, we were going to have some fun and enjoy the premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. We flew out on Wataniya round 9 am, 10 guys, carrying very little, just a few back packs and I had my camera. Landed headed out to the bus we had booked which turned out to be a school bus and a disaster, so we canceled the bus and were laughing our heads off, this is the beginning of a funny day trip.

Lunch at Meat Company with the best Rib Eye I have had in a little while, Meat Co never disappoints. After our meal we headed straight to Mall of the Emirates to walk around before going to the movie theater. We had 10 Gold Class seats booked and it is honestly one of the most comfortable seats in any movie theater I have been to and many can agree to that. 2 hours and 30 minutes later I was still excited from the movie, and we are keeping to a schedule.

We head to Dubai mall and decided to split up and go in different directions, to meet up at the main entrance an hour and half later to head to the airport and check in. We walked past the aquarium and I spent a good hour at Kinokuniya bookstore and I bought some very odd books this time around, some were comic books, some were anime illustration books, and some were just plain different.

We took off to the airport around 10:15 pm to check in and we made it relatively quickly. We checked into Wataniya Airlines and they were a bit in shock to find so many energetic guys all together and want to be seated together. One note, never take the exit seats or Row 8 on any of Wataniyas Airbus A320s because those seats can’t move and the arm rests are solid pieces so they annoy your legs. By 1am we were home and about to pass out, what a ridiculously fun trip and booking well ahead you can get the ticket for 45 KD.