GulfRun Meet Up In THE Warehouse

This was a bit of a different type Wednesday night full of car fuel and lots drivers and some very cool machines. There were even PS3 Racing Units in the back from XCite that people were driving the F1 tracks on and taking it very seriously. This is GulfRun’s Seventh event and it just keeps on growing, they showed us a few different events that they have planned for Bahrain not including whats coming up in the car show. Again the best part was eating the shawarma in the chilly weather, it really warmed you up.

I loved seeing all the familiar faces and also meeting a lot of new people, its like a get together of a lot of good people. Then there was the lovely collection of cars, as usual the star of the show is the Porsche 993 Gemballa which is a gem to see, then there was the Ferrari 599, a CST-V out front, and a very very interesting 700+ horsepower Hennessy Camaro. Always something interesting to find out especially about the new machines joining this year which honestly have me scared out of my wits because of what they are capable of. The GulfRun 360 Mall Car Show is taking place on the 13th and 14th of June which is going to have the very interesting line up. GulfRun 7 takes place in Bahrain International Circuit on the 26th and 27th of January, it really is around the corner. You could feel your adrenaline rise while you are in that warehouse everybody was talking cars, parts, tools, garages, and what they need to do to prepare.

Pictures Stolen From BrakeBanzeen :P

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Alternate Route

Now this turned out to be an interesting ride, it wasn’t anything that I expected except that almost nobody showed up but I thought to post it up anyways. I planned for about 6 people based on some feedback but that didn’t work out, Adrenaline couldn’t make it until 7 pm, Vampire got caught up with the night shift at work, another guy was in the states, and Monichum was late. AM texted me that he is on the way and Monichum did the same but he would be running a bit late. It was interesting to be visiting that Starbucks at that time, I sat next to the fan spraying water because it was perfectly cool, and the crowd kept increasing as time went by. I felt so out of place since I haven’t been to Starbucks or sat in one at night in a very long time, but I had my bottle of cool water and waited. AM showed up, we talked and got to understanding of each other’s riding skills, Monichum showed up 15 mins later and so we headed out.

Since it was a bit on the windy side we decided not to go to Julai’a instead we headed towards the Starbucks in the Freezone, and we knew it would be a nice ride. I’m leading the pack, Monichum running the rear, and AM in the middle. We explained our riding technique in a group in a few steps, and we got it clear that we will be keeping a fast pace, we started it off steady and built it up from there. Monichum and myself have been riding for three years together so we have a rhythm going, and AM was picking it up and hopefully with more rides he will pick up how we ride and a few tips and techniques to improve his own riding. We had a lot of fun riding there, we kept in tight formation giving each other the right amount of space, and kept the pace between 120 to 140 kph to whole way. I didn’t realize how packed the Free Zone area would be, we got caught in some annoying traffic but made it there. When we got to Starbucks and the whole place was packed, we saw a pack of Ducatis there, two Mosnter 696 and one 1098 which was fun to see. We sat there and chatted for about an hour about riding, riding in Kuwait, and a few other things. Then we got up and headed home, Monichum got on 4th Ring Road, AM and myself got on the 6th Ring Road to head home. It was very nice ride, and the weather keeps getting cooler, I’m enjoying these rides.