Dubai Real Tiring

I had a four meetings packed into one day, trying to keep it as efficient as possible, from the moment I land then I would have enough time to eat and then head out back to the airport and take off again. That was a ridiculous mistake on my part, I have done a lot of day meetings and back in the same day, never have I done four long meetings in one day. By the time I was heading to the airport I was too tired to car and too dizzy to pay attention to anything, I just wanted to get home and pass out at the end of the trip. I was so tired I stretched out on the Wataniya flight back and passed out before take off and woke up as we were landing, why can’t we land with the backs reclined, it makes no difference at all. The one comfort is knowing that as soon as the plane arrives I exit the plane and get in my car and drive home in less then 5 minutes.

Cairo for 25 Hours

Going to Egypt I had about three meetings to take care of, two the day I arrive and one the next morning, its one of those compact trips, all in one shot. I took this trip because I had to have this one meeting, and then other two just piled on. I knew one thing when going to Cairo, to ask for the VIP service at the airprot which is $100 for arrival and departure, and your travel agent can arrange for it, you have to ask for the VIP terminal. You walk through and sit on a counch while you wait for your passport to be stamped and your bags to come out, but in my case I only had one carry on, so out the door I went, I was outside within 11 minutes from departing the plane which is fantastic.

I have a simple rule when in Egypt, I only stay at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, this rule is there because I have suffered food poisoning every time I eat anything outside, but staying at this hotel I can order any food in mind and I’m sure its safe. Even when I had a dinner meeting I said that I’m not hungry and kept drinking water, as soon as I got back to the hotel I ordered room service, I have had too many bad experiences to take a risk. Too much work to do in Kuwait, so I flew back the next afternoon to get back in time to eat some food, and I passed out the whole flight back because I was so exhausted from this short trip and waking up early.

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Lebanon in 26 Hours

Work has been piling up and I have been delaying a meeting in Lebanon for a few weeks but now I have to go to finsih one long meeting. I was supposed to go last week but due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to. I’m going today on the Wataniya flight, which luckily for me they changed the schedule and now they have two flights a day to and from Lebanon. If I could I would go in early morning and come back at night, I have this tendency with business trips to try to keep them as short as humanely possible. A lot of people have been telling me to postpone the meeting to a later date because of the elections but I have few in the systems that nothing drastic as the airport being shutdown will happen, well at least I’m crossing my fingers, I have too much damn work to be stuck in one location. One thing is that I’m going to do is eat from Al Farouq for their amazing shawarama, I just love good shawarmas and theirs is damn good.