The Heat Is Coming

This is probably one of the more interesting rides we have had this season, we started off as five ended up being 11 machines on this little outing. We are trying to ride as much as possible these days because its getting hotter and hotter. That morning I felt pretty crappy because of a Flu that was on its way, I pretty much ignored the feeling, took Dayquil, drank some fizzy Vitamin C and headed out. I know it wasn’t the smartest decision, but I have one Friday and I have to ride at any chance that I get.

As soon as I was on the bike the fresh air cleared my lungs, I honestly felt more attentive to the details around me, more alive with the rush of air and the sound of my exhaust. We went around town as much as possible with a stop in Doha which you can see from the video below, and this doesn’t always happen but we had a request for the BMW S1000RR and MV Agusta Brutale to go head to head, and they are both lovely and amazing machines.

We also ended up going to Wataniya Airport just off Sabhan highway and it was faling apart, the roof was coming off, nobody was using it or maintaining it. The one time I think the government should have stepped in is to bring that company back. They left Kuwait Airways to fall apart over the years and the one time we had something to be proud of it launched during a difficult financial time. We kept on riding until it hit about 31 Degrees while we were outside, as long as we were moving it was cool, but you can feel that summer is here, and its going to get hotter.

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Riding The BMW 1000RR

I have been riding for 11 years now, and I can’t believe that its been this long. The first time I really feared a machine was the Yamaha YZF-R1, it was a machine to be feared, the raw power and insane control were not forgiving any mistake on it would have a bad result but I took it slowly on that machine. Now I have to see that the BMW S1000RR gives me that same feeling, I have ridden a lot of machines over the last decade and crashed in a few but for some reason I get this feeling that under that cover is a machine that is you have to respect or else it won’t forgive you.

Some people call it an assassin, the Germans set out to be build machine to destroy anyone and everyone on the street and the track, and they did. Its a precision built machine with no-nonsense attitude yet it is surprisingly easy to handle with all that power and pure agility its an amazing feat that they packed so much all into these two wheels.

After riding the S1000RR for the last few days I can’t blame people for loving this machine, and I especially love that ugly front face, it looks like its eyeing you waiting to be ridden. The side air vents remind of shark gils, open to breath in and take off, it really does remind me of the Tiger Shark the way its aggressive and has that menacing look. My favorite color is always going to be the special white, blue and red BMW colors, its a classic.

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