Blackberry Alternative?


Seems there is a lot of talk about stopping Blackberry service in the GCC and some talk in Kuwait. Kuwait’s simple story is that they want to block some sites from being accessed as all internet, email, and messenger services are routed through Blackberry’s servers which circumvent most of the blocking requested by MOC from the ISPs. Now Saud is announcing they will stop BB service by this Friday, and UAE by October, so even if you are roaming there you won’t have Blackberry Service.

A lot of people love their Blackberry and can’t stop using it, but as soon as the service is disconnected they mentioned that they will switch over to the iPhone right away. I know a lot of people mentioned that all these smart phones have IM Clients that rival BBM but in reality none is simpler and more standardized then Blackberry, and it just won’t be the same in that case. I know that I have my Android and its a great phone but if they plan on disconnecting Blackberry any time soon I don’t think I would going back to SMS or enjoying the instant messaging as I do with BBM.

Chevrolet Camaro in Dubai

There has been a lot of PR going around about the Chevrolet Camaro and now they have taken it a notch up by launching it in Dubai as if its a big thing. I think Dubai has done a great job of presenting it’s self as a desirable location and a good press launch location for the car.

Now what I find interesting in the location are those open roads, where are they and how can I get there. I always like an open stretch of road. I wouldn’t mind trying the V8 SS manual for some fun but I wouldn’t really own the car. My hat goes off to them for some very nice shots of the Camaro.

Link: Autoblog

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