British Airways – Downgrade


I used to fly British Airways a lot a few years ago, but ever since they had their first set of protests back around 2006 things haven’t been going so well for them. British Airways used to be my most preferred airlines to travel on, there is something that I like about them and I always enjoyed walking around Heathrow Terminal 4, maybe it was the bookstore, or HMV, or WH Smith which kept me so entertained over the past years of going through it. I got this downgrade from British Airways from a Gold Member to a Silver, and now from Silver to Blue and I’m not really annoyed with them as much as I am saddened by the state it has reached. Its not what it used to be, and I loved their lounges and I still like their style. Especially recently I remember they have had some insane price increases which has led me to try other airlines such as Lufthansa and Emirates, and I have had some good experiences. Still I don’t feel that I am losing much from the downgrade as I never really felt any benefit from their Mileage program.

Wataniya Airways Diwan


I got my Wataniya Airways mileage card after using it once, it starts off at purple and heads up from there to silver and gold. The best part of overall is that there really is a lot of bonuses with the mileage, other extras such as using the lounge, having a large family with transferable miles and you can buy more miles online. I talked about the card services in detail in this previous post, but right now I’m going to take advantage of it during my trips.

I called and asked, they also said you can claim trips after October 1st, since I have a few round trips I’m going to claim those for these trips. I might have enough to bump me right to silver based on my works trip, I do enjoy when you can really take advantage of these mileage cards. You can easily sign up online with the link below.

Link: Wataniya Airways Diwan