Re-Buidling Media PC

The Dewaneya Media PC has been running for a good 6 years, and I think the age is showing. Since I have made some major changes to the dewaneya I was going for a bit of a hardware upgrade, starting off with the media PC.

New Specifications

  • Intel® Desktop Board DH67CF – Mini-ITX – Media Motherboard
  • Core i5 2300 – 2.8 GHz
  • 8 GB Ram (2x4GB)
  • Corsair 90 GB SSD – Sata 3 (For The OS)
  • Pioneer BluRay RW

Total 187 KD From Professional Computer

What I Already Have

  • Thermaltake Case
  • Power Supply
  • 2TB HD – Sata 3 (For The Media)

I almost store nothing on my PC’s these days, everything is stored on a network storage device which in this case is the Netgear 24TB Storage Unit. This little Unit is gonna pack a punch with the upgraded hardware and will be able to handle everything that I throw at it. Gonna install Windows 7 on it and from there I’m going to configure XBMC for my network, gonna take some tweaking and getting used to but I’m sure it will work perfectly. Other hardware upgrades are taking place in the dewaneya but that will be forthcoming in another post.

Review: Zotac H55ITX-A-E Core i3 Motherboard

There are a lot of motherboards out there these days, some more powerful then the other. Its really a huge selection of bords chips and ram. I’m always looking for a perfect combination for a Home Theater PC, something just strong enough to play HD video without any glitches and small enough not to look obtrusive next to your tv. To have both strong machine and a small HTPC you need to start off with the mother board, and for this case the Zotac Motherboard was perfect for the job.

The Mini iTX motherboard can fit in any case no matter how small it is, and for a small motherboard it packs a lot of features. Its an Intel Core i3 motherboard, meaning that this little guy can pack a punch, and it has a lot of features. I installed 4GB GSkill Ram which really did the job, I played everything possible on it and it handled it without a hitchYou seriously couldn’t ask any more from such a board, if media playback is your task then this is the best board.


  • HDMI output with Audio output included, unlike other HDMI output Graphics Cards
  • 10 USB slots, how many more could you want
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Small footprint – Mini iTX
  • Plays 1080p, 720p, and BluRay without an issue
  • Very reasonable price

Link: Amazon
Price: $129