Car Chargers Are Not Created Equal – TYLT Charger


There are lots of times you go into stores looking for car chargers and grab the first thing in front of you. When your phone is about to die and you plug-in the car charger hope to bring it back to life, only to realize after the 20 minute drive that you have an extra 10% which will probably give you another 30 mins to an hour of use.Chargers range from 0.750A to 1.750A, and most of them are on the lower range, be sure to check the car charger output so you know the power you will charge with. Simply put the higher the better.


The TYLT car charger is one of the best I have one as how fast it can charge, at 2.1Amps it really charges your phone quickly. I have found that they are consistent with the power output and this applies to both MicroUSB and Apple products. There products are cleanly made and in it almost chargers a percent a minute, so in a 25 minute ride you would charge up to 20% which is amazing. There are other products who advertise the high Amp output, but only TYLT and Griffin seem to be legitimate, and in this case I highly recommend TYLT chargers, all their chargers are dual chargers, the long flexible one and the v-split charger. I first found them in Virgin in Dubai Mall, but you can also find them on Amazon.


Trent – IMP1000 Mobile Charger

This is the 4th Generation USB power bank for the latest iPad 3 “the new ipad” and iPad 2. It will never let your smart phones and Tablet PCs run out of battery. This compact and ultra long-lasting backup battery will be your perfect power solution on the go. When you travel, there’s no need to charge your devices through an electrical outlet, the iCruiser IMP1000 is the ultimate power source!

These days these amazing phones barely last 10 hours in a day, previously the Nokias and Ericssons would last a good 3 to 4 days before need a charge, I remember I would have just one charger but now I have to have a charger in the office, in the car, in the hallway, in every room, its ridiculous. Phone technology has advanced so much yet batteries haven’t changed much in the last two decades. Since I tend to travel a lot for work one of the things I get annoyed with is my phone running out of battery half way through a full day, and so after doing a bit of research the Trent 11000 was my choice and a great one at that. I charge the phones usually on the plane when I’m not using them, and that hour or two of charging brings it back to 100%. The Trent IMP1000 is like redbull but for electronics, it keeps giving it that kick. There are smaller versions but I opted for the larger one to charge my Kindle or iPad as well as my phones.


  • USB connection, so you can connect any type of wire to it, MicroUSD, MacroUSB, Apple, anything really
  • Can charge your phone several times over
  • I charged it 3 months ago and it still has a very large amount of charge, doesn’t dissipate battery when not used
  • Charges Phones very quickly (iPhone & Android)
  • Charges iPads relatively quickly


  • Its Bulky
  • Slow to Charge Itself
  • Its a Bit Heavy

Link: Amazon


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