iPhone 4 – Vapor 4 Fix

There is no question that the Apple iPhone 4 is a very good looking gadget, but this antenna issue has turned it into a crappy phone. With no real fix from Apple in sight, iPhone owners have to do with the fixes currently out there. This is the hottest fix yet, a aluminum machined case to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly. The iPhone 4 can’t take too many drops or else it will shatter, and reception issues, but with this case there is a lining covering contact between the case and the metal lining of the phone stopping all interference, and it wil protect from all forms of drops and falls. And it doesn’t come cheap at $80 but a cool case and fix for Apple’s antenna issue, looks good.

Link: Gizmodo

Nexus One Automated Update


I received a message on my Google Nexus One for update, I wasn’t sure what it was but I was too sleepy to think about it and just accepted it. I installed and restarted, right after I didn’t think much about it, I was reading an article on BBC then I was trying to move to things and the screen zoomed in when I realized they updated the multi-touch capability which is a very important feature to have but I was too lazy to root it or install a program for it. The update came from Google which fixes 3G issues as well as the multi-touch feature, a quick roll out for this service. Overall I am enjoying the Nexus One and all its capabilities, its interesting comparing it with the Blackberry which I will at a later point.

Phone Fritz

Probably the worst timing for a phone to go on the fritz, I was about to start the transfer my basic Sony Ericsson to the Nexus One which was an arduous process in itself since there isn’t a simple process develop by Google yet. Just as I was about to start transferring the contacts through bluetooth to a smart Sony Ericsson it got stuck on searching for Bluetooth devices and didn’t stop, left it for about 5 minutes and it was still on the same screen. Took out the battery and put it back in and the damn thing would just keep restarting with no end in site, I tried connecting to my PC to pull the contacts with no hope, it kept trying to find the drivers but it kept restarting. I haven’t backed up my contacts in a year, I was going nuts and I had to go to a afternoon part of the funeral so I dropped it off at my phone guy since I gave up all hope. I had people calling me and I had no clue who they were, I had full conversations then asked them who they were, I had to keep explaining that I lost my phone, it was the only way.

I dropped it off at 2pm, I was tormented for many hours, I was going nuts. I got a call from my phone guy to pick it up at 8 pm, the screen and keyboard were shot so I was happy that everything was working. First thing I did was back up the phone numbers and performed the transplant to Nexus which is another story.

The Arrival of the Nexus One

I ordered the phone after seeing the post on Uptill1, I wasn’t keen on it right away but after reading the specs I decided to jump onboard to the Android platform. Also because my Sony Ericsson phone now hangs whenever it feels like and lets me access my contacts when it feels like, so its time for a change.

I really like the clean packaging of the box, you open it up and see the phone as it has been in all the blurry images. The Nexus One is a lot bigger then I expected, its just as big as the iPhone but a lot thinner which is nice, compared to the Blackberry 8900 Curve its thing but tall.

Now the process begins to transfer the contacts to Android platform, and I know you get really tied up with your Gmail account because of this. Now I have to figure out a solution to transfer 800+ contacts from my old Sony Ericsson phone to my Nexus One, I have a feeling it will not be a pleasurable experience. You would think that after all this time someone would come up with a software to transfer contacts without any mistakes that you may face, and I know that outlook process is a bit on the retarded side, it doesn’t take all the information of your contacts, if one contact has more then two to three numbers assume a few of the details will be disappearing, overall its going to be annoying. Other then that I am really looking forward to trying this phone it got a lot of good reviews, and what criticism it did get it doesn’t bother me.

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