Lego Technic Motorbike

One of the things that I love doing is putting together Lego, for the longest time it is always a pleasure but I never really thought about picking one up until recently. I picked up this simple bike which can be regular street bike or a V-Rod type bike and I went for the V-Rod because it looked cooler.

The key to putting lego together is opening all the bags and putting all the similar pieces together into piles. Make sure its an area that people won’t be touching or moving anything until your done. I always make sure that nothing gets touched or else I might lose a piece that is crucial to the Technic Model.

I decided to dedicate myself to finishing this as soon as possible in an intense time, to finish as fast as possible. After following the instructions for two hours it came together for a very cool Lego Technic Cruiser, and fit very nicely on my bookshelf.

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That name knows no borders, we all watched him back in the 80s and many of us remember Grendizer foundly. Recently while traveling I came across this Grendizer model I picked it up right away without a second thought. This is larger model and I was happy that I saw when I picked it up, it fit perfectly next to all the other ones currently on my shelves.



When I saw Grendizer I remembered the theme song playing in Arabic and remembered watching it on the TriColor Sony TV we have back in the 80s. Kuwait TV Channel used to be so advanced back in the day, they dubbed the best shows and we all loved them. Download stickam videos here I hope that they restart the franchise again like they did Mazinger Z & Mazinkaiser.


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Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime!

Hot Rod was one of my favorite characters from the original transformers movie, I loved the character he played and the colors of his car. I never realized that Hot Rod was a sports car and a winnebago or Motor Home at the same time, that was a bit disappointing when I grew up and I thought thats an example of bad character development in the 80s. Still that didn’t stop me from thinking that he is one of the coolest autobot after Optimus Prime.

About 5 years ago I saw this model in a shop but it wasn’t for sale and I tried making an offer but the owner seemed stubborn and so I left the shop. Then a little while back as I was roaming Amazon Japan thanks to Google Translate, I can across this model for sale for about 16500 Yen or around $200. It took a bit but I managed to make the transaction work and got the order. Hot Rod is a stationary model but an exact replica of the one from original movie.

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RoboCop Bust 1/1-Scale

IT’s been a good year for RoboCop fans. First off, we’ve got that figma to look forward to, and now, theres this amazing 1/1-scale bust from Fred Barton Productions to enjoy. Standing 28″ tall and with only 200-250 of these being made, this hand-painted limited run bust really does look like the real deal, sculpted beautifully by member Anticlaus. By the way, Anticlaus is also sculpting that RoboCop statue in Detroit (the one I’m now forced to go take the RoboCop figma to because I promised I would), so if anything, my excitement level for seeing that in its finished form just went up another tenfold.

I’m a huge fan of RoboCop and I always keep hoping that they will make a new movie soon, I keep hearing about the script but new directors keep coming in. From the late 80s to the early 90s, the coolest thing in the world is a human turned into a Cyborg! And he had the coolest gun, I think I thought Detroit might have Robots in the near future. I even used to draw the OCP logo every where, I loved those 80s action movies, and I want that movie to come out soon but for now you can have that amazing RoboCop or Officer Murphy on your desk.

Link: TopPop

TRON Legacy Light Cycle

The first thing that they worked on when developing this movie is the Light Cycle, they made a point to modernize it and develop for this movie and I think its a beautiful piece of design and machinary. Its probably one of the cool things during the first part of the movie, and now its availble to sit on your shelf. Its 25 centimeters long and looks amazing, the riders looks like a piece of the bike, a very nice piece to have for $270.

Link: GunJap

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Transformers Takara – Optimus Prime MP4

I have had this in a box for over two years hidden in my closet, I got the full set of Takara Transformers over the years, getting one model after the other. So to start it off I decided to open the Optimus Prime Convoy MP4, I have always wondered what it would feel like and how cool it would look.

I was completely wrong it looked so much better then I expected. Optimus Prime felt so realistic and heavy, he is made out of PVC plastic and metal. The build quality is better than one expects from a toy model and since I had a few others to unbox later I decided to transform him into vehicle mode which wasn’t too difficult, even though there were a few moments that brute force was required and I didn’t feel like being patient. After 20 minutes Optimus Prime was in vehicle mode and I was extremely ecstatic looking at the set on the shelf, I’m looking forward opening the other boxes soon.

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The All Spark Cube

This item is to be recognized only by those who are very familiar with the Transformers movie, this is the All Spark Cube that Megatron tried killing Sam Witwicky to get. Glyphs etched into metal and weathered to give the authentic look, just like in the Transformers movie. The 1:3 scale, 2.75 in (7cm) squared replica All Spark Cube is made of die-cast metal, the weight of it makes it feel very real. It sits on my desk witha miniature stand to display the cube and it really does look extraterrestrial.

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Amalgam Fine Car Collection

Recently at a hobby store in the UK I saw some extremely high quality cars models in a unique store in Soho. What shocked me was the size and the detail of these beautiful machines, some of them are about 40 cm long and some are about 70 cm long. But it seems they are as expensive as a small car, the models ranging from 1000 to 3000 KD which is insane but that what you have to pay for fine craftsmanship.

Link: Amalgam

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Cobra Commander

Who remembers the Cobra Commander from 80s, now that guy used to annoy me as a kid. I loved when the Joe’s kicked his butt, one thing for sure is that he was the perfect evil leader, diabolical but always screwing up. Now SideShow Collectibles have come up with the perfect model of Cobra Commander, and I have to say it looks pretty real, even better the cartoons used to be, I have a memory of them but when I see the cartoons they were much worse then what I remember.

Link: SideShowToys

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Optimus Prime – Side Show Statue

Side Show have done it, they have built an amazing looking model of Optimus Prime. I love the high quality models that come from Side Show. Only 100 of these will be made and at $1200 it sells for a hefty price. Not everyone would want something like this but for the collector they would want this. They haven’t released any details about the size of it but it does look like a high quality product out of Side Show.

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