Moleskines Star Wars Journals

With the release of special edition Blu-Ray set of Star Wars Moleskine have come up with these journals. There is one thing that I can’t resist buying it is these journals, I seriously can not get enough of them, I already bought them and waiting for them to be delivered. I love that Moleskine keep coming up with these very interesting special edition notebooks. I honestly don’t write enough in them but I do try to sketch and write down notes as much as possible. The journals come in both Empire and Rebellion flavors, the biggest difference being the Empire variety is “ruled” while Rebel journal remains “unruled.” I got both the large and pocket size in the Empire and Rebellion designs, a must have for any Star Wars fan. Check out the fun video below at the end.

Link: Moleskine

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Moleskine Online US Store


It no news that I am a huge fan of Moleskine products and almost every notebook they have come up with, I haven’t had enough material or things to write and draw in all the books I have from them but still I can’t help picking one up whenever I see it. At last Moleskine has decided to open an online store, after such a long time to find each and every Moleskine is now so easily available on their website and I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of Moleskines, I was very much tempted to make a purchase while surfing the site but I will myself from clicking the purchase button.

Link: Moleskine

Mohammed Al Turki – Moleskine Art

I am a huge fan of Moleskines, always looking for the different ones, the customized ones always seem to catch my eye. Mohammed AlTurki is a creative Kuwaiti who is interested in everything artistic, tech, and graphic design. One of is interesting projects is designing Moleskine covers and it looks great, you can see that form the video above. Check out more from him below.

Link: NumberXIV

Review: Moleskine iPad Folio

There are two things that I love taking with me when I’m traveling or even when I’m leaving the house and thats my iPad and my Moleskine, sometimes I can’t take both or the iPad is too bulky so I just end up taking my Moleskine with me. When I first heard about the case for the iPad from Moleskine I was excited, I honestly didn’t think that Moleskine would make it. I kept refreshing the Amazon page every week to check if it was available, the email notification didn’t work for me, and as soon as I saw it was already backordered, but I placed an order for two and received it after two weeks which isn’t too bad.

The Good

  • Exceptional build quality, the Leather is very nice, just what your used to from Moleskine Notebooks
  • Snug fit for the iPad, slips right in
  • Functionally great, with the note book attached. Working on your iPad and taking notes couldn’t be easier
  • When closed it looks great and professional, nice and clean
  • The notebook is replaceable, next step is different kinds of notebook replacements from the plain to the lined
  • Very reasonably priced for a case

The Bad:

  • Left handers don’t have much luck, you have to flip the notebook
  • It gets rather heavy and its really thick, more then I expected


  • You will love the Moleskine iPad Folio Cover if you miss having a notebook iPad combo
  • If you want a think case then this isn’t for you
  • If you love Moleskines then this is for you

Overall I love it, and I’m going to enjoy carrying it with me when I need to take notes and have internet access.

Link: Amazon

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Moleskine HQ-2

Offices of Moleskine is always worth visiting, and this time around WhereWeDesign have taken a look of their offices. I’m not sure of which office this is but its just as nice as the Moleskine Italy HQ from my previous post. I would want to grab and use all those notepads on those shelves, I love that certain colors mean certain things, I got used to their labeling. I wonder what other ideas they have in the works, I just recently placed an order Moleskine Folio Cover for the iPad, but its out of stock but hopefully I will get it as they restock. Moleskines you can never have enough of them.

Link: WhereWeDesign

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Moleskine Covers for iPhone & iPad


At last they have heard the calling of so many people, they are coming up with covers for the iPhone & iPad. I already registered to get notified the moment its available, I do love my Moleskine and take it every where with me, and try to write notes about anything and everything. Now that they have a combination iPad & Moleskine its going to be perfect to carry around everywhere, and just have something to write and note, just the perfect combination of low-tech & high-tech. Now we just got to wait.

Link: UnPlgged

Moleskine HQ – Italy

Moleskines have gotten more and more popular over the years, the perfect writing pad that everyone enjoys to use. I for one have quite a few, one or two for work, and about a dozen I use for personal stuff from sketching to notes, to remembering events and doodling all kinds of things. I always wondered what kind of environment they worked in to create such amazing products that people love, and now thanks to Visual Therapy I got to see the haloed offices of Moleskine in Milan. You get a sense of how the notebooks are produced, a glimpse of their design studio, and a really big notepad that I would love to have.

I probably have close to 20 Moleskines unopened sitting on my top shelf in my room. Some are plain paper, some are squared, some just lines, and then there are the different sizes. I just can’t get enough of them, a few months ago I found which are A4 size, Moleskine drawing notebook, usually they are half the size. You can never have too many Moleskines, and I will probably pick up more when I see them.

Link: VisualTherapy

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