Block Of Cash

My friend is an idiot but I love the guy, he does love to do things like this, lets refer to him as Preetooo. In our dewaneya we do events like Milsim and other things together, and during one of those events I spent around 400 KWD for the group which they pay “The Collector” and then he pays me, which in this case is PreeToo. I asked Preetoo about the cash he said he will give it to me on the weekend which was last week, but he forgot so I called and harassed him for forgetting. Then he said is gonna give me the cash in a few days and he is gonna hit me with, the bastard didn’t lie. He hit me with a brick, more like a few bricks in an envelope. As you can see from the pictures, turns out Preetoo was wanted to be cheeky about it so he gave me the 400 KD in quarter and half KD notes. Feels like 10000 KD cash too bad its like that, and now I have to go to the bank and have them count it to check that it isn’t counterfeit money and I think they will think something is wrong for me to have that much change on me.

Traveling With Currencies

Usually when I travel to the states I just transfer an amount to my account and I’m good to go, but when traveling across Europe that is a different story. I don’t like using my card from the paranoia of having my card copied and sometimes you want to have some cash, but in Kuwait usually people like carrying with them a certain amount of money especially when they are traveling on long trips. The part they don’t realize are limits applied by the customs of their respective countries.

When traveling to the states the rule is simple you can’t bring more then 10’000 USD or the currencies equivalent to that amount and if you pass it then you have to declare it. And if the amount is within reason they let it go, such as 14’000 USD or 17’000 USD then they let that pass but its more then that then they take you in for questioning and make sure to follow up with you. If you don’t declare the amount you have then they would confiscate the whole amount if they are to discover it.

In the case of the Euro and British Pound it is sort of an equivalent story, you can’t bring more then 10’000 Euro or 7000 GBP while traveling into Europe. There is no declaration form for funds when traveling into the UK, but when traveling into France, Italy, Germany, or any other European country it is a little different. If you bring in a siginificantly larger amount then that and you don’t declare then they might hold you, or deport you and they are sure to confiscate the all the money. If you declare it still doesn’t make it easy, for example if you declare 20’000 upon entry then upon exit they ask for every reciept of the whole amount that you spent, so they will review the whole thing which is a complete headache.

This is what is faced by people who prefer to carry cash and in Kuwait some people prefer cash over card all the time. There are a few other solutions, one is having a prepaid card for the amount you want to use for your travels, and one other solution is getting travelers cheques in Euros, British Pounds, or US Dollars. But one thing to note is that you have cash the traveler cheques in their respective countries to get back the amount without any fees, which can be done at any foreign exchange such as Travelex, Thomas Cook, Western Union, American Express Exchange, and any 5 star hotel or Bank.

Wire Transfers

Just one those simple things that get very complicated when you don’t need it to be. I have come to know that in reality the bank only needs an account number and a routing number or swift code of the bank to make a transfer, the rest is all gibberish. When you see all these movies and money transfers taking place, they happen with the click of a button, money is here then there. I don’t really understand why it takes three to five days for a wire transfer to go through, I’m not a finance guy I’m just annoyed that it isn’t instant, the money instantly disappears from your account but not showing up in the other is annoying. And if you say you want to pay the fees of the transfer for the receiver, they always charge them some fee which is a farce.