HTC One – Mophie Juice Pack


When dealing with a beautifully designed phone like the HTC One, you face one small problem, you can’t switch out the battery. I had the same issue with my Nexus 4 and I had to have a charger with me everywhere. In this case the HTC One is somewhat better, but only by a small margin and I was looking for a battery case for this phone to use when needed. There were a few options by the time I was looking, the Mophie and the i-Blason, but after taking a look at the design of the I went with the Mohpie.


I take a lot of work calls on this phone, and a lot of conference calls since it has a great speaker phone. So after looking around for a battery solution Mophie released a juice pack for fairly quickly, usually they only come out this quick for the iPhone, and the last non-iPhone they made was for the Samsung SIII and that took a while. I’m surprised they haven’t made one for the Samsung S4, but lets see how long that takes.



  • Great build quality, a nice black matte rubber finish which is smooth when gripping it, it fits snugly around the HTC One and the buttons operate perfectly. As usual design wise Mophie got the perfect fit.
  • You can easily access the headphone jack without a problem, the phone charges when you connect your charger to the charging port. Voice, Sound, Flash, and Camera are not obstructed with this case, they operate perfectly.
  • The status lights are on the back of the case and so is the on/off switch for the battery case. Its clear and easy to use, you can switch it on accidentally but that hasn’t happened much to me.
  • The cover itself protects the phone all around and it doesn’t get scratched easily which I thought was impressive.
  • For $99 it is an impressive piece of hardware, I thought it would be more expensive, very good value.
  • With a 2500 mAh Capacity it can easily charge the phone more then once, and the best part is how fast it charges it.



  • Right off the bat it is bulky about twice as bulky, and it does feel heavier, but that is to be expected when your mounting a battery case to a phone. But the sleek feeling of the HTC One is gone for the sake of battery life.
  • Even though it is a high quality matte rubber, it does smudge a bit, but isn’t too bad
  • When your charging the phone with the case the phone gets noticeably hot, not to the extent it would explode but you can really feel it

Price: $99
Link: Mophie




HTC One – Mophie Juice Pack


This is a surprise to me, turns out the Mophie made a Juice Pack for the HTC One, they never made it for any other device other then the iPhone and the Samsung SIII, and its not that there is huge volume of the HTC One out there, so I wonder what made them change their mind and produce it. I for one am happy that they are producing the juicepack for other manufacturers, and they are bound to make one for the Galaxy S4. For $99 its reasonably priced, and you know you love it the moment your phone is on the verge of dying, 2500 mAh is enough to bring it back to full charge without any use.

Link: AndroidCentral


Review: Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo


Mophie is known for making those amazing iPhone cases that extends your battery for a whole day of Angry Birds, your phone won’t run out of battery in a day with this case, and I’m honestly jealous there isn’t one for the Nexus 4 because it now runs out of Battery in less then 10 hours. I have one battery that I carry around with me every once in a while and its excellent but I wanted to try the Mohpie Juice Pack and since it got a lot of good reviews and I like their products.


  • Battery Capacity – 6000 mAh
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Chargers: Two USB Slots
  • 2.1 Amp Output
  • Charges By MicroUSB
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Works With Smart phones, tablets & gaming devices



  • It’s a Mohpie so usually they make excellent products
  • Two USB Slots, and they use USB not some proprietary crap
  • Charges at a 2.1Amp output so it supposed to charge your phone or tablet fast
  • MicroUSB Charger so you can use any charger you have to charge it and thats what I did


  • Its a bit bulky but some people might like the shape
  • It’s surprisingly slow to charge, really slow, that really disappointed me
  • $100 – It’s a bit too pricey


Link: Mophie

At the end what matters to me is how fast my device charges and in this case it was very slow, I’m not sure if this is a defected device from Mohpie but it seems to be working fine. For the price I expected a lot more, I thought my phone would go from 10% to 90% in 20 minutes or less, even when it packs a lot of battery with 6000 mAh which can charge a phone almost three times I would think it would do better. I had it in my pocket during a movie charging my phone so I didn’t touch it and after two hours it didn’t get to 100% that was a disappointment.



Mohpie Juice Pack – Samsung SIII


The one thing that I envy about the iPhone is the ridiculous amount of accessories made for it and one of those Accessories is the Mophie Juice Pack Case, doubles the battery and a very sleek design. And now with the new release of the iPhone 5 case, those are going to fly off the shelves this coming month and to my surprise to find that they designed one for the Galaxy SIII. A very clean design that more then doubles the phone’s battery. If you have an SIII then this case is a must, doubling the battery as well as a well designed protective case is just perfect. Honestly I wish there was one for the Nexus 4, but I don’t think they will make one since they only design for mass market, but at least they have it for the Galaxy SIII.


  • Rechargeable 2300mAh battery extender and protective case in one
  • More than doubles the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy SIII – Up to 270 hours of standby time. Up to an additional 6 hours of Talk Time. Up to 36 hours of additional audio playback. Up to an additional 9 hours of video playback.
  • Soft touch finish – Sleek design includes a new, soft touch, rubberized finish that mirrors the look of the Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Quick recharging speed. Completely recharge phone in 1 1/2 hours.
  • 4 LED Light Status Indicator – Tells you how much “juice” you have left in the case for charging.

Price: $90

Link: Amazon