Helmet Line Up 2012


They took the best Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet and made it even cooler, I LOVE this version, but I don’t love the price. I would love to add this to my collection, but I don’t think I will be getting it any time soon. I think I wouldn’t wear it because I would be afraid to damage it.

Price: $4000


I’m not the biggest fan of AGV Helmets because of the lining and they just don’t fit my head very well. But I love the Valentino Rossi designs they come up with and this is one of my favorite ones. I love how they incorporate the Sun design as well and the black and yellow colors.

Price: $800


I can’t help but love Arai helmets because it kept my head safe from two crashes and they are just so damn comfortable. There is something I can’t resist about the Tri-Color design, the bikes and now this helmet. I just find them so appealing and I think this is the coolest Tri-Color Arai helmet yet.

Price: $900

AGV Rossi “Five Continents” GP-Tech Helmet

One of Rossi’s original designs with his colors, it is just one dynamic helmet. Honestly I would just place it as a furniture piece and never wear it. It doesn’t match any piece of motorcycle clothing I have but I do LOVE the paint work on it.

Price: $530


A very cool helmet with a fun Carbon and White design, now this one I would wear since it goes with a Red, White, or Black motorcycle. And I have tried this helmet before, loved the lining, and very comfortable.

Price: $600

AGV GP Tech Rossi Limited Edition Faces Helmet

Now this one is all Valentino Rossi, this one you really can’t where, but it is a work of art. It has an Andy Warhol touch to it with the pop art feel, I would have this a shelf piece as well. This is for the Rossi fan, they would adore it and take care of it.

Price: $800

2013 BMW HP4

The beast has arrived, it wasn’t enough that the S1000RR was such an insane bike, they took it up a level with the HP4 and surprisingly the price isn’t too bad for a superbike that is meant to annihilate the competition. The one thing that they have done with this machine is give you a lot of option to choose from and then the other goodies such as the carbon fiber. I just love paint scheme on this BMW, I would love to get my hands on it.

BMW HP4 – Base Model ($19,990 MSRP):

  • Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) semi-active suspension
  • Launch control
  • Akrapovic full titanium exhaust
  • Seven-spoke forged aluminum wheels in gloss black
  • Radial Brembo monobloc brake calipers
  • Race ABS with new IDM calibration
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with new 14-step adjustability
  • Gear shift assistant

BMW HP4 – Standard Package ($20,525 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Pillion Rider Package that includes a rear seat and rear footrests to accommodate a rear pillion rider (priced at $285)
  • Heated Grips

The Premium Package ($24,995 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Competition Package (individually priced at $4,470):
  • HP carbon engine spoiler
  • HP carbon trim
  • HP folding clutch and brake levers
  • HP rider footrests – adjustable
  • Forged aluminum wheels in Racing Blue Metallic
  • Sponsor decal kit (not mounted)
  • Pillion Rider Package (described above)
  • Heated Grips

Optional extras: Heated grips ($250) & an anti-theft alarm ($395).

Review: Fastest

Shot around the world in 2010 and 2011 and narrated by Ewan McGregor, ‘Fastest’ captures the intense and thrilling reality of the MotoGP World Championship, documenting a pivotal moment in the sport. With Valentino Rossi chasing his tenth World Championship title the Italian ran into one of the toughest challenges of his career: a crop of exceptionally fast young competitors, a horrific leg break at his home race, and an amazing comeback little over 40 days later. Confronting such a monumental task and with rival Jorge Lorenzo taking the 2010 title, Rossi faced up to one of the most testing year’s in his illustrious career and along with his fellow competitors was left asking: Who is the fastest rider now?

Motorcycle Racing is one of the most dangerous sports out there, men riding side by side at an excess of 330 kph in corners on two wheeled machines. MotoGP is considered the best of Motorcycling, every team and company putting their riders on the line to becoming champions. I have always watched MotoGP on TV and I know its intense, but you can never really tell how it is or what they riders are thinking, and this is the main reason why I wanted to see this movie, you jump right into their paddocks, right behind them the intense moments. I have to say that having Ewan McGregor narrate throughout the movie is a huge plus, you can tell how passionate he is about MotoGP and the riders. You get a front seat view of how these riders became what they are and how they think, I loved it, it was brought together perfectly, the only thing that I wanted more was to see more. I would want another movie like this of these guys in the near future. On a side note this is the second movie the first one was a few years ago called Fast but I haven’t been able to find it online but seeing this one got my blood pumping so for any motorcycle fan this is a must see.

Link: IMDB

Valentino Rossi @ Valencia with Ducati

Now its a reality with Valentino putting on the new colors for the Ducati Desmosedici. The fully carbon fibered GP11 ready for Valentino’s testing even though it went through a bit of a rough spot, he is just getting his leg around the machine and Ducati will work out the kinks. “The Doctor” has taken his usual style changed it up a bit with the black with yellow accents on the Dainese suit, with a new AGV helmet design which has a Question Mark set between the Italian’s Sun & Moon logo.

These amazing pictures from the behind the scenes photographer Gigi Soldano. Valentino Rossi’s personal photographer Soldano is privy to all those insane and quiet moments in a MotoGP paddock. The new helmet is appealing to me, if only it was available from Arai or Shoei I would snap it right up. Rossi is off to a new adventure I just hope they perfect the GP11 so its ready to be ridden this coming MotoGP season, I want to see what Rossi can do on a Ducati, I think everyone is ready to see him riding this season.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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Review: What If I Had Never Tried It: The Autobiography by Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi is one of those stars that rose very quickly through the ranks of the motorcycle world. Many people know of him or have heard of him if they have any interest in motorcycles what so ever, and I am also a fan of this amazing rider including a few other amazing riders such as Noriega Haga, Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden, Casey Stoner, and Biaggi. I have a lot of respect for these professional riders because they are perfecting their riding techniques in extreme conditions with very little room for error which also helps develop our consumer motorcycles. I picked this book up back in 2006 and I didn’t get around to reading it until a couple of months ago because I realized that information in an autobiography gets old quickly and I might get annoyed unlike other fictional stories. So I decided it was next up on my list and I was happy I read that book, gave me an incite into the mind of one of the greatest riders of this century. Valentino Rossi may come off as a bit egotistical but he has the track record to back it up, and I do enjoy his sense of humor and his tenacity to come back and win at the last minute. This book gives you an idea of what these riders go through, they have been riding their whole lives with so much at stake and they are all extremely passionate about it. There are a few boring parts in the book and it doesn’t seem like a complete thought but it is entertaining and I did learn something new, it wasn’t the riveting read I was expecting but still worth reading, if you are a follower of MotoGP then this book is a must read other then that I don’t think others would understand it, one thing is for sure Valentino is a typical Italian.

Link: Amazon


193 bhp that is all that needs to be said about this machine. I honestly don’t know how this is supposed to handle but BMW have been taking bold steps for the past couple of years and now they have the Japanese in their cross-hairs with this beast. I was a bit annoyed with the bland colors but thankfully they are coming out with the BMW have announced they will be making a version with the official BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team colors;Alpine White Non-Metallic, Magma Red Non-Metallic, and Lupin Blue Metallic, with the swingarm finished in eloxy silver and the wheels in high-gloss black.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber