Elementary – Ending With A Bang


A show that I enjoyed from the beginning and one of the most satisfying seasons I have watched yet. Ending on a very high note, and a big bang with the perfect type of build up. This show was so good that I thought of Sherlock Holmes as only this odd genius and nothing else from the movies or the original books. Surprisingly Lucy Liu played an excellent Watson, not the person you would expect to play the role which made it even better, and she was fantastic in the show, and not in her usual roles. This show is a must see with an excellent and well developed story line, it leaves you satisfied and I’m excited to see what they have planned for next season.

Link: IMDB


The TV Show Wrap Up 2012

As of lately remaining at home for over a week I managed to catch up with a lot of shows, a very serious list and started watching some other shows and most of them are pretty good.

Shows I Love:

  • The Walking Dead – Season 3 topped all the other ones, can’t wait it for to continue in February
  • Elementary – Loving the Modern take on Sherlock Holmes
  • Go On – Loving the new Mathew Perry show
  • Scandal – This show just pulls you in
  • Homeland – It just got more complex
  • Revolution – Its getting itneresting
  • Arrow – Its more serious superhero then the usual WB Shows, I like it
  • Last Resort – It may be cancelled but I’m going to watch it until the end, its a bad ass show
  • Blue Bloods – Love This Show!
  • Grimm – Its getting interesting, and the Monsters are coming out

Shows I Like

  • Chicago Fire – Very cool Firefighter show
  • Animal Practice – Fun easy comedy
  • See Dad Run – Pretty good show from Scott Baio the 80s Super Star, brings back memories, and also starring Mark Curry from Hanging with Mr Cooper
  • The New Normal – Fun Comedy show about a very abnormal family
  • Suburgatory – Fun comedy
  • The Mentalist – This season is just a bit slow for me, but I still like it

Comedies I Love

  • The Big Bang Theory – Best Comedy Show Out there!
  • Modern Family – 2nd Best Comedy Show!!! Tough one with these two!
  • Parks & Recreation – Love this show
  • The Office – This season is better then the last, looks like they want to go out with a bang
  • Two & A Half Men – This season is even funnier
  • 2 Broke Girls – Still Funny
  • Whitney – This season is funnier

Movie DL List


The last three to four weeks have been a lot of work and tied up with a million things. I haven’t really had much of a chance to go through the list of movies that were online and go through my usual search for quality movies, I didn’t even have a chance to download Avatar, but yesterday I spent a good 45 minutes going through all the different torrents to find all the movies I wanted. I piled up a good list of 40 to 50 movies and below are just a few of the main movies that I’m looking forward to. What I usually take time to look for are Hong Kong, Thai, and Japanese movies with a lot of Martial Arts, Action, or Comedy because a lot of them are great and enjoyable to watch but hard to find.

  • Avatar 720p & 1080p
  • Chloe 720p
  • Endgame 720p
  • Extraordinary Measures 720p
  • Invictus 720p
  • Never Surrender 720p
  • Nowhere Boy 720p
  • Darbreakers 720p
  • Edge of Darkness 720p
  • The Road 720p
  • Mirrors 720p
  • Little Big Soldier 1080p
  • Commando 1985 720p
  • Moonwalker 1988 720p
  • Jump 1080p
  • Did You Hear About The Morgans 720p
  • Haeundae 720p
  • Give Em Hell Malone 720p
  • The Crazies 720p
  • You Don’t Know Jack 720p
  • Tenure 720p
  • The Road 720p
  • Tooth Fairy 720p
  • Zach Galifanakis Live at the Purple Onion 720p

Review: The Lost Symbol

The Dan Brown books are all getting hyped up after the success of the Da Vinci Code, then the release of the movies, they all got caught up in the hype. I was one person who preordered the booked months before its release on Amazon, my expectations were extremely high but they were not met. I took my time reading this book and enjoying it, it had its moments. You get a real view of the Freemasons, what they believe in, what they do, and what secrets they hold. Robert Langdon is dragged into another mystery, he is trying to figure out the mysteries as events are taking place and people are dying. Things were taken step by step, the funny part is that I was imagining Tom Hanks the whole time when reading this book, you get caught up in an interesting way, but you don’t get pulled into the story as you do the other books. There are books that engage you and you can’t put down, this didn’t achieve that like its predecessors, it was an entertaining book and a fun read but the story just had too much fluff, some parts were unnecessary and could’ve been done without. Overall I wasn’t bad, but I had high hopes, even the ending was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m crossing my fingers for the next one.

Link: Amazon