2013 Coming To An End


This has been a very interesting year with a lot of changes, ups and downs like anyone else. You always have good and bad experiences and the best thing is to enjoy your good times and learn from the bad.

For the past month I have been slightly disconnected from my online activity due to real life taking over completely. Too much family and work activities that kept me busy to the point that any other free time I had I would just try and get some sleep. Only recently I have managed to catch up with some of the TV shows I have had piled up.

With all these good, great, and bad experiences that you go through in life your perspective changes on things and you tend to hopefully develop from that. Looking forward to this coming year and hopefully getting my blog revamped at last, its been too long, about 4 years going on 5 since the last revamp.

Enjoy your 2014 people.

2013 The Start Of A New Year

Everyone thinks of the things that they did the year before whenever they come to the new one. In my case I’m thankful for all the good things that happened in 2012 and learned from the bad. I managed to accomplish a lot of my goals and enjoy a lot of adventures, but there are a few things that I missed which is sticking to the gym and losing weight, that always seems to evade me, my craving for food is just too much.

2012 is the year of the Android, so many devices and so many advances and I’m happy I got my hands on them. Of course everyone went nuts over any new Mac Product like clock work, but there were a few improvements which I will admit to like the iPod Touch and a few other devices. I managed to ride in a few different locations this time around and I hope to ride in more locations soon, that is the plan for 2013 with regards to riding. I always have a lot of plans in my head I just have to action them, but happily I have made a lot of progress with a lot of projects, it was a very busy year but luckily nothing fell through the cracks. I need to be a bit more active, but that viral & bacterial infection that I caught at the beginning of December really knocked me out.

New Years was simple for me, just two other guys and I manned the BBQ & a few shows, keeping it simple was the goal this time around. What were your plans?

2012 Here We Are


And the Mayans said it would be the end of the world as we know it! I think they predicted the movie. Happy New Years to everyone and hopefully everyone had an enjoyable night. I for one am making the most of it with family and friends, I haven’t thought about any new years resolutions and usually I don’t think much of them. I decide then and there when I want to do something and if I want to try to accomplish it. But one of the things I’m trying to do is to loose weight and try to manage my time a bit better to watch more anime and play more games, my gaming in 2011 was very disappointing, this year I’m planning to finish at least two games when last year I didn’t even finish one. Here is a great kick off to 2012.

Traveling In Two Directions

New Years is around the corner and its not really hitting me because I have a lot of work to do I’m trying to make sure that I get it all done. So it doesn’t feel like a huge vacation to me, but a lot of people took time off during this time and are making the best of it. To my surprise everyone is heading to one of two directions, UAE or Beirut, and the flights are packed. The schedule for Christmas & New Years is crazy there are so many flights and they are still fully booked on most flights in each day. Beirut is booked up to 105% and Dubai is booked up to 100%, the occupancy rate on these places have gone through the roof. And the thing that Beirut and Dubai are doing is that they have a minimum 4 Day booking for New Years, so you can’t just come and go stay a night and come back. Its these crappy marketing ploy that they kept pulling in Dubai back a few years ago that drove me nuts.


  • 5 MEA Flights
  • 2 Kuwait Airways Flights
  • 2 Jazeera Flights

Total: 9 Flights


  • 4 Emirates Flights
  • 2 Jazeera
  • 2 Kuwait Airways
  • 5 Fly Dubai
  • 3 Etihad
  • 2 Air Arabia

Total: 18 Flights



A lot has happened the past year, and a lot to look forward to this coming year. 2010 was an interesting year with lots of ups and downs, like the end of 24 and Jack Bauer no longer will be a part of our daily lives. Then there was the release of the revolutionary iPad which really change things for the computer industry. The release of the Nexus in January and Android taking the mobile companies by storm. We still want faster internet at cheaper prices and good movies, I’m happy that I am fully taking advantage of riding this season and will continue to ride. Hopefully everyone has had a great 2010 and a fantastic 2011 to look forward to.

Back From The Desert

Back from an adventure for new years, we have been planning this trip for some time and I got back Sunday after having so much fun in the desert. We drove over 6 hours to get there, and almost 1400 Kms of driving in total over a four day period from Kuwait and back. This adventure was nothing short of a Toyota advertisement with two FJ Cruisers and one Landcruiser, the way we were driving was probably the best advertisement Toyota could get. With 300+ photos of the whole trip I will be posting a lot up later but for now this is just a few pics for now. We moved every few hours, right after breakfast we would find another location in the dunes of Dhana, a nomad style of camping which was organized and everyone had their task at every point.

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