Review: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

There has been a lot of noise about this musical online so I interested to see it if I had the chance. I’m a very big fan of musicals and shows, but its rare that I have a chance to be in New York to see them at the time of their showing, and some run for yours but I missed them. This time around I had the chance to go see the controversial Spider-Men Turn Off The Dark. It became one of the most expensive productions in Broadway history at the cost of 65 Million, and since the beginning of the show it has been plagued with issues from malfunctioning stunts, to injuries, and cast leaving with new ones being added.

After hearing so much about it I really wanted to see it, it couldn’t have been as bad as many people were saying and honestly it wasn’t. As a huge comic fan I was very excited to see what they were planning on doing. It was an exciting musical to watch and it was more like a show from Las Vegas with all the acrobatics and machinery involved then it is a Broadway musical. But something that I found strange is that they took a very strange approach to the story and modified about 40% of it which I didn’t care for too much. The story was decent and the action around the theater was a lot of fun but you can imagine that one of these guys can fall on the crowd, they get really close. The slow scenes were a bit annoying but the bad guy playing the Green Goblin was very funny and was the best actor in the whole musical. It has more action then the usual musical and kids really seem to love the show but its not for everyone, and comic fans love Spidey but the show just isn’t a fit for fans.

Link: SpiderManOnBroadway

Out There!


For the last few weeks I have been busy as hell with a lot of personal stuff, all is well with me but I got caught up to the point that my emails piled up. Thank you all for emailing and checking up on me but everything is fine.

I got busy with GulfRun and usually I constantly post about what I am up to but these days I have had little time in front of the PC. A lot has been going on with me and a lot of things have changed which I will be posting about once I have my thoughts more organized.

Currently I am outside of the US, in New York City to be exact and I’m going to be here for a few more days then to another stop. Its freezing but I’m loving it here, just saw the Superbowl on Sunday, that was an amazing game and well worth watching to the end. Both teams playing very well and honorably.

Blue Bloods

Generations of one family all in the NYPD, from the normal street cop all the way to the commissionar. All with their own issues while on the police force with Donnie Wahlberg (Yes the brother of Mark Wahlberg) as the troubled detective who breaks the rules to get the job done. This show turned out to be the little gem of the season, an unexpected success and I really like it. If you are into cop shows then this is a must see, I like where its going and I like the Police Commissionar played Tom Selleck.

24 – Season 8 – The Kick Off

Watching 24 one shot is the only way its done, I had 4 full episodes to watch but I had to find the right time to watch it all in one stretch. Late night was the only time I have a free at the cost of sleep, and it was well worth it. Jack is back at full throttle following leads, someone is trying to kill the president of the Islamic Nation but there i more to it then this plot and weapons grade material is at stake. For the first time CTU has been moved to NYC with a whole new set of parameters and setup to the original, I like the move and the possibility of this storyline. There are some interesting new characters, I’m still not too much of a fan of Freddie Prince Jr. but since he is leaning towards Jack I’m liking the guy and I’m happy Chloe is back, she is the perfect partner for Jack but a few of the other characters are annoying me and as usual you can’t have 24 without having extreme emotions towards a few of the characters. I’m not sure if I can wait week in and week out for each episode, I might go nuts.

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