Kuwait – Price Savvy?

While walking around in the Dubai Mall I saw the Cinema 1 shop which sells cool movie memorabilia, right next to the movie theater. They have a lot of Star Wars items, G I Joe, Predators, and other cool movie items. Then I see the War Machine Bust above, I have the Iron Man Bust so I thought to complete the team. I asked for the price and they told its 1500 Dirhams which is insane, it costs $80-$90 with shipping to Kuwait probably around $150 but they were asking $410 for the same product. I always thought that certain items they have over priced in Dubai, it might be the same in Kuwait, but in Kuwait it wouldn’t sell. Because of the way the customs operate in Kuwait they make it difficult to import items for companies to sell so we get annoyed and that created the market for forwarding companies such as UShopWeShip and Aramex, I’m not sure if that service is available in the UAE but for us who live off ordering online its an amazing service. So ridiculously priced items in Kuwait or any other country for that matter isn’t accepted, we try to find the best deal we can.

This is just one simple example, when the iPad and iPhone 4 came out we got it the same time if not earlier then Dubai. We had insane pricing when it first came out but prices dropped quickly as competition grew, at first they were more then double or triple the price and it drops like a rock within a few weeks. Dubai usually hovers a little above us when it comes to Apple products for some reason, when the first wave came in they were about 20% more then the prices in Kuwait and they were selling like crazy. Overall Apple products are more expensive in Dubai but other consumer electronics such as TVs are cheaper in Dubai. I think in this matter people in Kuwait are always looking for a better deal.

Amazon Return Policy

I tend to buy a majority electronics or any other item online through Amazon, for the simple reason of convenience and consistency. Even with dealing with outside vendors you can take a look at there feedback through Amazon and decide if you want to buy through them or not, and they make the whole process very easy. There are some sites that I would like to purchase from them but two things come up, either they don’t ship to mail forwarder or the shipping address has to match the address on the credit card.

One thing is that I tend to buy certain hardware directly from Amazon for the sake of their return policy. They have the easiest non-hassle return policy I have seen from any company, you just click return item, then you specify which item you want to return for a reason, you get to choose a replacement for it or a refund, a refund takes some time but the replacement is instantly sent out. In my case I ordered two Western Digital 2 TB drives, one was faulty and one was fine, so I asked for a replacement and its already shipped out, same thing happened before and they shipped it out, they asked the damaged item be sent back within 30 days or you would be charged for the replacement. This happened before and the process was perfect, the only cost is the cost of sending the item back from Kuwait.