A Normal Weekend


I think I’m always doing something or busy but I haven’t been able to do the normal things that I do recently, just too busy with work and GulfRun that I haven’t had a chance to breath but now the dust is settling and it has been a hell of a lot of fun but I want to catch up to my usual activities. My Google Reader has been piling up to over a thousand, it has been like this for days even though I have been slowly chipping at all the articles, I have to see or read all the articles, I just can’t hit Mark All As Read.

Simple Tasks:

  • Rebuilding WHS Server (Been on hold for months)
  • Riding
  • Watching Anime and Movies
  • Cleaning up my Room(You know you have to clean up when your navigating around books, electronics and other items in the room)
  • Video Games
  • Reorganizing all my Photography Equipment

Functional Shutdown


Left work at 3:00 pm, had a ridiculous headache and I was hungry as hell. I wasn’t functional from noon until 3pm, all I could think about was food and getting some sleep. As soon as I got home I had lunch, and passed out within 30 minutes. I woke up about 4 hours later not realizing so much time went by but the funny part is that I woke up hungry wanting more food, so I had dinner around 9:00pm. I think that waking up early getting a lot done over the past week has finally caught up with me and hit me on Sunday, I do like sleep but I also like to get a lot of things done during the week and weekend, but now I have a few things to do for this week. At least later in the evening I spent some time cleaning up, getting some paperwork in order, organizing the piles of things I have all over the floor, I always think that I will make time to organize my thing but there is always something that distracts me. I need to organize my music, I have a lot of new music that I need to put into a new play list and that will take no more then an hour, but still haven’t gotten around to it.

Sidenote – I took my Beemer to BMW for an Oil Change and check up

  • Their quick service on Saturday is a 4 hour wait
  • The Oil Change is 65 KD but Lexus is 27 KD, and their AC filter is 45 KD which is damn expensive

At least I knew the mechanic who is a good guy, he took my car quick and had it all done within an hour since it wasn’t much work for him. I got rid of all those annoying symbols coming up on the screen, now all I need is to drop the car at Al Falah Car Wash for a full detail so they can clean the leather.

Pending Pile Up

There are those times you just look at a pile of items and you think to yourself that you will never get to it. I have been looking at this pile of books and comic books for the past 2 months and I have never really gotten around to organizing and sorting them, one of the annoyances is that I will find out that my Transformer comic book collection is incomplete.

Cleaning up some of my unused hardware and getting rid of the broken ones has been a step forward, I have helped liberate some areas for more models. Thats my problem the more space I make the more items keep popping up. I want an area for my rare original Iron Man bust, but I really have to find the right location for it and out of reach of the kids. I have the same problem with books that I do with anime, whenever I finish a good one I don’t know what to start next, so many different genres to choose from.

  • Cleaning Up Laptop Bags
  • Organize Books & Comics
  • Just one big pile on my couch that I need to sort through
  • Dismantling Bunker-Server (WHS Server)
  • Put together Rack Server, and installing Vista Business 64-Bit, test VM Ware on it
  • Get rid of things that I’m not using and clean up
  • Consolidate Pictures into the WHS Server, but that will take a long time to do

I have one filled up Amazon cart with a selection of books, dvds, and a few tech items which I have been keeping on the back burner for some time now. I have this urge to hit the purchase button and wait for those deliveries which probably won’t arrive before Ramadan at the rate these deliveries are going.

Pending Tasks

You know when you have so many tasks that they pile up and you really don’t get anywhere with anything. I come back from work exhausted and all I can think about is planting myself in front of the tv and doing nothing but watching Anime or Battlestar Galactica. I did go swimming on Monday which felt fantastic and I fell asleep right away that night, but I keep thinking if only I had music outdoors it would be a little more fun swimming late at night.

  • Cleaning up my room (This has been on the back burner for a while now)
  • Work on 2nd Gundam Model
  • Rewire the cabinet area again, needs major clean up
  • Go to Huperoptic for some tinting job for a car (Best Tint in Kuwait, going to do a follow up on that)
  • Reorganizing about 229 GBs worth of Anime and Movies into their folders in the Hazmat Windows Homer Server
  • Organize the pile of books I have
  • Work on the Rackmounted Server and put it together, it has been sitting on the floor for over two months now

I think I should just pick one thing and work on it, all of this and I still have GulfRun in mind and planning for it.