Parkour in Mardin – Turkey

Parkour is one of the most amazing things to watch, I am still amazed by some of these people’s physical abilities to pull of impossible looking stunts. It is truly a work of art seeing parkour athletes perform, they really are the modern day ninjas. This video was shot in Mardin Turkey in an ancient city and it is beautiful, the mold between modern moves and ancient architecture is amazing.

Tempest Freerunning Academy

Parkor and Freerunning is one of the coolest physical sports that I have seen, they are like modern day ninjas with what they do. Now Tempest is a new Academy in a LA and their training wharehouse looks like one giant video game, this is one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while, it feels like a Nintendo video and especially at the end when all the foam pieces is flying around.

3RUN – THE Stunt Team

Parkour and Martial Arts takes a lot of skill to perform, now these guys take parkour, martial arts, free running, acrobatic stunts and blend them all together for performances, commercials, tv, and movies. What these guys are capable of is mind blowing, they are defying gravity at certain points and I love how the camera follows them in their flips, made me spin my head while looking at the screen. I would love to see them live!

Link: 3RUN

Rollerblade Parkour

I haven’t gone roller blading in a while, I think even if I tried it at this point I would cause some major damage if I wasn’t wearing any protection. Then there is parkour which I think came out of France, jumping from different objects and basically climbing and flipping through all forms of buildings, parking lots, and other urban structures. Then taking the two and combing them takes a lot of endurance and skill.