Sout Al Kuwait – Yoom Al Destoor

Sout Al-Kuwait is a civic lobby group protecting personal and social freedoms through the activation and preservation of the rights stipulated in the Kuwaiti constitution. The Group meets its target through organized media campaigns, public relations and direct communication with the Parliament member and other State decision makers. Since its establishment, the Group published several booklets and brochures providing simplified review of constitutional rights, their impact and importance, and their conflict with some of the current legislations – (available on Sout Al-Kuwait also participated in several exhibitions, rallies, and carnivals in an attempt to educate the youth about the Constitution articles and relate them to our daily lives. We lead several educational activities in schools, colleges and universities introducing students to concepts like citizenship, human rights, constitutional rights and encouraging their involvement in volunteer civic and social work.

One of our most important events is the celebration of the anniversary of the Constitution of Kuwait which was signed off by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem in November 11, 1962. This year we plan a grand carnival in front of the Kuwait Parliament (Sahat Al Irada). This event will be a collaborative effort by other NGOs and some civic groups. It is a family event filled with activities suitable to all ages and interests. There will be a special area for children and another for art and poetry national music band lead by Belal Al-Shami and many other outdoor activities. Participants will be taken through the amazing journey of the Constitution in a fun and friendly environment.

We hope that you and your family will join us celebrating the Constitution anniversary this year on Wednesday, November 11 in front of the Parliament from 5:30 to 10 pm

At The Poll

I decided only a couple of weeks back that I wanted to vote, that I’m really tired of all this crap going on. Our country is on hold and everybody else is moving forward. A lot of our friends are depressed about Kuwait and you feel like their isn’t much you can do about it. I did something simple I just saw who were the candidates that fit my criteria, got their mobiles through friends and called them up. Some were good over the phone, and I asked when I could meet them at their election locations and I met with them for a about 20 minutes deciding who to vote for. It was a simple process of asking questions, seeing their nature, their replies, and asking about their past actions.

Going to the voting poll somewhat early in the morning was very important and I’m happy that I went and voted. I hope that this really works out and the next set of MPs really do something to jump start the country. We are tired of things going into a slow process which results with nothing happening, just the whole in country in a complete standstill.

I went in, they check your citizenship to make sure you are going in to vote. I walked in and tried searching for my letter. They have voting rooms by letter and I couldn’t find where exactly I was supposed to go, asked a few people but they weren’t sure where the letter M is located. I asked a bearded gentlemen and he told me the way to go and ask for me to vote for some Dr Something, who is probably of the religious right. Checked my name and the ID number (Raqam al Qaid), and waited in line to vote, the line was moving at a decent pace. After about 20 minutes I went into to vote and saw that the room had 7 people, and 5 of them were supposed to be people who recorded all the details on paper to compare later for fraud or mistakes. I made my four choices, folded up the piece of paper and placed it in the box. I felt good about the vote and I’m hoping for the right people to get a parliamentary seat, I have hope but I’m dreading the bad people who are bound to win.

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