One Thing

It just takes one thing for a domino effect to take place when it comes to hardware, I had a failure with one of the tower raids so only half of it was working. So four drives were missing from the WHS and it was issuing warnings left right and center to my computers. I wasn’t sure what was going on but luckily I was able to isolate the location of the drives because that’s another issue and I transferred them to the new TowerRaid, but only three out of the four available were working so one drive was still out. Luckily I had duplication running and everything was safe and dandy in the WHS, at least I didn’t lose any data with a port multiplier failure resulting in four hard drives going missing. That took a little time but I managed to unravel the issue but coming to a full solution is a little bit a head when I butcher the Bunker Server, and that deadline is coming closer and closer.


After that I went ahead and trying to configure my APC 5000 XLI UPS with a network address but turns out it was having issues. But luckily at the end I managed to configure it correctly and access the wed control panel to see what makes it tick, and it has so many features to mess around with but I will make full use of that when I install the servers over the next two weeks.

Essentials of a PC Geek

I picked up this list from the Maximum PC April 2009 issue, there are some publications which are still worth buying in print and this is one of them. PC Geeks over the years have developed certain skill sets, some are through education, some through knowledge, and the majority of it is through breaking stuff. Well this is a list of things that I can relate with and I know a few people that can as well, there are people with a lot more skills and I’m one always willing to learn.

  • Knowing the difference between the board connectors; PCI Express, DDR Memory, Dual Channel Rimm
  • Benchmarking a PC
  • Know basic HTML tags
  • Bypass the Government content filter
  • Run all your essential Apps on a USB stick
  • Getting through to the real technicians of customer service
  • Use photoshop to doctor a photo
  • Wire your home with your know Ethernet and know how to crimp it
  • Say NO to extended warranty
  • Mooch Wi-Fi pretty much anywhere
  • Use a DSLR in full manual mode
  • Install a Hard Drive in a Laptop (Laptop broke down in the first month, damn annoying)
  • Protect your Wi-Fi
  • Take apart a damage external hard drive and extract the data
  • Pull off an elaborate prank
  • Set up a RAID configuration
  • Securely Erase your data (They don’t know how to do that at Lockheed Martin)
  • Solder like your life depended on it (I used to do that when I worked on my R/C Cars, would probably do some damage to a mother board)
  • Rip CDs to FLAC
  • Stream your movies, Music, Photos, and anything else to any location in your house
  • Dual-Boot your PC
  • How to hack a Windows Computer or Router
  • Watch TV Shows on the Internet (Legally)
  • Installing and configuring a Virtual Machine
  • Protecting your tracks on the PC
  • Run multiple monitors
  • Know the important Linux Commands
  • Avoid DRM at all costs
  • Use Remote Desktop
  • Rip a DVD to H.264
  • Find everything you need to know Online
  • Install Third-party firmware on your router
  • Be an addict to Star Wars or Star Trek
  • Be able to use the command prompt like a pro
  • Be able to change your own tire
  • Connecting to the ECU of your vehicle to tweak, or flash, clear codes
  • Play Halo1/2/3 and still don’t want to sleep

Marvel Universe MMO

This is probably rumors flying around regarding this MMO, I’m even confused as hell as to which studio is working on it. But wouldn’t it be cool to play your favorite Marvel character. I would probably be Colossus or Dead Pool or Forge, I know someone would usually go for the conventional characters but these guys are fantastic.

Link: Kotaku

No More Gaming for Dell XPS

Dell bought out Alienware in 2006 but nothing really changed with the Dell line up or the Alienware line up. Dell XPS gaming line was somewhat in direct competition with Alienware desktop PCs over the past two years, but now Dell has cut their Dell XPS gaming line up, it will continue as a high end line but they will dedicate for the first time the Dell R&D to work with Alienware to make better machines. The result of this work will most probably be showing up next year, it will be interesting for sure.

Link: Crave