MTV 2013 VMA’s – Justin Timberlake Performance

If you haven’t seen the VMA’s then just watch this, this is by far THE best live performance I have ever seen. I was watching this on TV and clapping with them on the TV to the point that I was dancing to the performance. Justin Timberlake is a true artist and he has worked with the greatest and he just keeps making hit after hit that I love, they called him the President of Pop and he more then deserves that title. Just watch the full 15 mins you will be jumping out of your seat.

BMW – Celebration Of M

When we think of the BMW M division, the 1978 M1 comes instantly to mind, followed by the E30 M3 and then the 2001-2002 M Coupe. But the company’s in-house hot rod shop actually dates back to 1972, when it was formed as a subsidiary to manage the company’s racing operations, dubbed BMW Motorsport.

I have always been a fan of the M Cars from BMW, they are the right type of performance and control. They always do something extra to the machine in all the right sections to make it “The Ultimate Driving Machine” My favorites are the M1, E30 M3, E39 M5, and E63 M6 those are the machines I love the most from BMW, you feel that whoever made them had the intention to race them and have fun with them.

Link: Autoblog

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