The Work Out Regime

Yesterday was the first day I went to the gym as part of my plan, and I have lessened the amount of food I consume recently as well. Overall the plan is somewhat working, I feel a bit healthier and better overall because I’m sleeping lighter. Still I’m not even the same league as M.F.W since he is going over board with pretty much everything, he set his sights to destroy me in every way shape or form but I have plan to win.

After working out at C Club for about an hour I felt that I didn’t have the right type of direction or help that I need and recently I found out about a new gym called Inspire who have trainers who pretty much put you through your worst physical nightmare to get you into shape and on your time. People recommended Core and Sidekick to me, and they are excellent gyms but they aren’t for me. M.F.W trains every morning between 6 and 7 am and at Core Fitness then goes to the gym again after work then plays football twice a week, not including barely eating anything but protein at this point. He may have a head start on me but I am very good on planning and this time around I will execute these plans.

Upgraded WordPress to 3.31 Thanks to Jacqui

Just as I was getting back to writing a few posts today since I found a minute to take a break I realized that something strange but didn’t think much about it. At around 7 pm when I was about to write a post everything on the backend of WordPress went berserk, the posts looked fine and the search and all the buttons were working but the backend was all jumbled up. There was a short moment of panic since I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I really didn’t like that feeling. For those who don’t know it says on the bottom my blog was put together by to awesome techies, Ananyah and Jacqui, and in this case I emailed Jacqui with the subject line “MAYDAY MAYDAY” and as usual she replied instantly! I sent her a screen shot of my messed up WordPress and basically said help, she replied that she will get to it in 30 mins which she did. After a little while she told me to check the backend and was totally different, she updated it to WordPress 3.31 with everything up to date and working smoothly, 3.31 is so cool and smooth. I have spent a few hours tinkering on the backend and I’m loving it, seriously Jacqui is a savior as usual and between the two of them they always come up with some cool stuff for me. Click on the images to see the old WordPress and the new, some people might not even know what the old one looked like but the picture is above and the new one below.

Catching Up


This whole past week I have been at GulfRun enjoying every moment on the track and in Bahrain. And before that I was traveling and a lot of other things that piled up. I came back a few days ago but its like I’m playing catch up with everything thats going on. First I’m catching up with my offline life then I will catch up with my online life.

It was such an active week last week that I was barely online and I didn’t have much time to check out my work emails. Even three days off work and I got 221 Emails piled up which I had to reply to not including the normal emails. When we drove back from Bahrain it was a lot of cars who attended GulfRun which was a lot of fun seeing people you know on a four hour road trip, but we were subjected to an extensive search of our car and items as they suspected us of carrying alcohol into Saudi, just took some time and the guy was a bit cold but it didn’t take long before we were at McDs grabbing some sandwiches for our drive. The best part is to be eating those fries on that long drive, it does hit the spot in the afternoon. Now go to settle down and catch up with everything, I want a vacation that I don’t have anything to do but the things I want to do while staying in Kuwait. I would get a lot done!

2012 Here We Are


And the Mayans said it would be the end of the world as we know it! I think they predicted the movie. Happy New Years to everyone and hopefully everyone had an enjoyable night. I for one am making the most of it with family and friends, I haven’t thought about any new years resolutions and usually I don’t think much of them. I decide then and there when I want to do something and if I want to try to accomplish it. But one of the things I’m trying to do is to loose weight and try to manage my time a bit better to watch more anime and play more games, my gaming in 2011 was very disappointing, this year I’m planning to finish at least two games when last year I didn’t even finish one. Here is a great kick off to 2012.

The UnFollowing Phenomenom


I only recently joined Twitter in April of 2011, a late baby boomer. And when I joined I felt lost in this huge realm of information not knowing what the hell was going on. But within a few months I figured out my way about and honestly I’m loving it. Different then the blog and you get to interact with people right away and get information quickly if you need it. Its like a burst of energy for me, and to me its an addition to what I do online. I do love blogging and I love what Twitter has introduced, and nobody can deny that it is a huge phenomenon in the region but I for one am enjoying it yet not taking things too seriously. A surprising thing that I heard recently is that we make up a small percentage of twitter but the more interesting part is that Kuwait makes up almost 20% of the activity of twitter in the region even though we are so little in comparison.

Now with all of this a lot of people use twitter for different reasons and in my opinion some people take it so seriously. I recently found a way to see who follows and unfollows me and I find it very interesting especially these bots that keep on following and unfollowing, and also people who unfollow, and thats about it for my interest. I recently had friend unfollow me and I called him up and told him that I caught him and laughed, he said he didn’t expect me to see that I did, he was somewhat embarrassed. I told him who cares I just found it funny and I was surprised that he didn’t unfollow, he said I tweeted too much! I just started laughing, but I realized that a lot of people really get insulted when you unfollow them when reality its nothing at all. Seriously with life online or offline people need to have thicker skin, this craze started with Facebook friend and unfriending, and now with the unfollow and follow, come on don’t take things too seriously.


Browser Hacked – Yandex.RU Hack


I am very careful with my machines, I update them constantly and I do regular scans. Sometimes some software crashes or a machine crashes, that happens every once in a while. But I am very careful of what I install or download, so when something weird starts happening I go into lock down mode. The day before my machine was acting fine when the next day any website I enter gets redirect to “” I didn’t know why. Some websites would stay but regular websites get redirected.

Googling it on the infected machine was useless because it kept getting redirected so I used a different machine to Google if this happened to anyone. Turns out there is a hostile bot that hijacks websites and automatically redirects them to which is a Russian search engine/mail provider.

First Step:

  • Turn Off All Add-Ons on Firefox and Chrome
  • Run AVG Virus Scanner & Windows Maleware Defender


  • The scanners didn’t find anything and the websites didn’t find anything

Next Step:

  • Update Windows, Firefox, Chrome, AVG Definitions, Windows Defender, Chrome & Firefox Add-Ons, Flash, & Java


  • Still getting redirected

Next Step:

  • Deleted All Cookies, Cleared All Forms, All History from Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer


  • Thing went back to normal

I won’t lie I was a bit freaked out after each step and I was getting pissed, I thought some random Russian was messing with me and I wanted to punch him. So these are the automatic steps that I took and luckily things cleared up. And usually if worse comes to worse, I would format the machine after trying everything, I would have gotten paranoid that somebody really got into it, but it didn’t reach that point.

Catching Up

This weekend has been especially busy with the GulfRun Go-Kart Endurance Race, and these guys did a fantastic job organizing it. I took a lot of pictures and video of the event, which I’m planning on working on and posting up later when I have a chance. It lasted 26 Hours and these guys were on it nonstop, so the days leading up to it I was barely in front of a PC or a TV.

I also came to the realization that I am totally out of shape, more then I have ever been. I haven’t gained weight but I’m getting tired quickly and certain tasks that I did normally before were normal but this time around I’m getting tired which isn’t a good sign at all. I have a set a goal at this point, to lose weight and gain my stamina back.

I also want to catch up with a lot of TV shows that I have missed, some shows I am keeping up with but a lot of the shows that I regularly follow have been paused for a while now. So hitting the elliptical is going to be part of my routine so I can probably load up my iPad and watch some shows there, so thats one plan.

More details will emerge once I have everything lined up in my head. And yes sleep, sleep has been escaping me these days.

The Art of Shaving in NYC

While in NYC I wanted to get a shave and a quick hair cut, my problem is that I have gotten used to how they shave in Kuwait. With a single blade and they do it very well, honestly I haven’t found very many places that know how to shave your beard and give you that cut that the barbers in Kuwait do. Well I have known about The Art Of Shaving for a very long time and some of those stores have barber shops, not all of them do. It started off as a mom and pop business that grew to several locations across the US and was bought out by Proctor and Gamble who spread it all across the US and with them barbershops.

It has this old Gentlemen’s club feel to it and they have some fantastic products, especially their aftershaves which put out the fire on my skin after a shave. I shaved here once in February and the Barber was Puerto Rican and his name was Azreal, so I called and the guy was there. To say that he was an Artist with the a single shaving blade is an understatement, this guy was good, he was so good that I really enjoyed the shave and booked to come back a week later. For me its a pleasure to get a shave, you lay down, close your eyes get a warm towel and you get rid of that very annoying itch on your neck and cheek. He used the shaving cream and oils from the line of products that I like, and I always end up getting a few things from them on the way to take back to Kuwait with me.

They call their Barbershop the Barber Spa, and it deserves to because these guys are really good and talented. If you are ever in New York stop by the Art Of Shaving on 520 Madison Avenue, best place for a man to get a cut and shave. And I always want to buy some of their blades even though I rarely shave at home, still they have some great products which I use with my barber in Kuwait.

Continue reading…

Tooth Removal Session


After about two weeks of back and forth and having the time to get the work done I went over to Kuwait Medical Center in Old Salmiya over XCite Electronics. First day I got some XRays done and I needed to get on antibiotics before getting the tooth removed, she said it would require surgery to remove the tooth so she would prefer I’m on antibiotics.

The next day when I came in it still hurt and I was looking forward to having it removed. The tooth is the moler on the left side, lower deck, the one right next to the wisdom tooth. The Doctor leaned me back on the seat and told me that it would hurt a bit and explained what she had to do. When she put a hair net on my head (I am bald) that freaked me out a bit since it got a little more serious at the dentist then I’m used to. They also got into full gear and fully covered, and started with the big metal needle to inject the anesthesia into my and around the tooth. Three full needs and 5 minutes later I can not feel a thing and loved it.

She started with the surgery and I could feel the minor cutting around the tooth, and because the state it was in she had to break it up to pull it out. It came out with one big piece and two small pieces, and it required a screw driver looking tool to push it out, it didn’t come out gently. I had a feeling because of the hour and 30 minutes that my mouth remained open that I would be hurting the next day but I was wrong I was hurting 3 hours later and majorly incapacitated. I was given Pronstan for the pain and told I can take Tylenol with it every 4 hours, with my antibiotics on schedule.

I was hungry as hell when I left and my jaw was completely numb and started feeling that my hunger since I didn’t eat all day. She told me exactly what was going to happen and I would feel a good amount of pain the next day and I would also look like a chipmunk which I did. I’m just happy that it is over and I’m only eating soft foods at the moment but I’m looking forward to eating a lot of other foods when I can, I have been craving everything recently.

Out There!


For the last few weeks I have been busy as hell with a lot of personal stuff, all is well with me but I got caught up to the point that my emails piled up. Thank you all for emailing and checking up on me but everything is fine.

I got busy with GulfRun and usually I constantly post about what I am up to but these days I have had little time in front of the PC. A lot has been going on with me and a lot of things have changed which I will be posting about once I have my thoughts more organized.

Currently I am outside of the US, in New York City to be exact and I’m going to be here for a few more days then to another stop. Its freezing but I’m loving it here, just saw the Superbowl on Sunday, that was an amazing game and well worth watching to the end. Both teams playing very well and honorably.