Burrad Lucas @ Falkland Islands

Burrad Lucas are two brothers how are very interested in photography and took it seriously around 2004. Their photographs and ideas are fantastic, I love their work and some amazing shots. They seem to love animal photography and they even came up with ingenious ideas to get up close and personal with some scary creatures without exposing themselves to danger. These photographs were of the Falkland Islands which is in the South Atlantic, and I just love Penguins and Seals. I always wished I could have a pet penguin but its very hard to find one. That rockhopper penguin looks like its about to smack the guy behind the camera.

Link: Burrad Lucas

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Osaka Dog – Picture


There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Japan, I always enjoying reading up about it and other things that are going on. I find their culture interesting as well as everything else they do when it comes to anime, manga, electronics, and food. This picture I love, taken in Osaka with an Akita hanging his owner from the rear while he is biking his way to their destination. An Amazing photo.

Link: Flickr

NegativEffect – A New Photoblog

I do love when talented Kuwaiti Photographers post up their pictures online, and one of those is NegativEffects. He has honed his skills and still developing it, turning to Apple as his preferred machine of editing and tweaking. So many unique shots and ideas when putting pictures together. I love his talented work because I see the same objects in front of me but I don’t see how he comes up with the ideas for pictures, I will take what tips I can from his pictures but fantastic shots, and recently added to my Google Reader.

He is also the talent behind the Desert Kings 2 Jokers Kuwait that I posted a while ago about, and he is the talent who has helped put together the latest GulfRun 5 videos. A great combiantion of photo and video talent, I’m looking forward to more from NegativEffects, check out his Photo-blog and enjoy.

Link: NegativEffect