Yakuza In Pictures

The Yakuza are one of the most dangerous organizations currently operating in Asia and specifically in Japan, and they have been around for a long time. I tend to find the Yakuza to be extremely interesting with their complex set of rules and honor system, there are those are living by the old code and those living by the money. It is a difficult world to see let a long penetrate, but through two years of perseverance Anton Kusters from Belgian managed to gain the group’s confidence and bring photographs of this world to light. Be warned some of the photographs are explicit.

Link: BBC

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Gallery Tilal Photo Frenzy

At last one of the gallery’s is holding a photo exhibition, there is a lot of talent in Kuwait and Gallery Tilal is having a Photo Exhibition or Photo Frenzy for the whole month of September which I think is fantastic. Four Exhibitions reflecting four different types of photography, I am excited to see what they have lined up and I’m sure its going to be fantastic, there will be a type of exhibition each week so I’m hoping that I will be able to make it, I do love the categories they have chosen.

  • Fine Arts Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Female Photographers
  • Underwater Photography

UpComing Cameras


I have two cameras which I am extremely dependent on and I swear by them because of their quality, consistency and overall ability to still work after my heavy usage. Once you start with a brand its very hard to go back because you start collecting lenses and they only work with a certain brand in my case I went with Canon and never looked back. I can admit that other brands make amazing cameras such Leica, Nikon, Sigma, Lumix, and Sony. DSLRs are great cameras that taking amazing photographs but sometimes they are too bulky to carry around, and I’m tempted to try out Four Thirds Cameras which also take interesting pictures.

Constant Use:

  • Canon 7D
  • Canon G12

Here are a few of the tempting new cameras that I have been looking at, I wouldn’t mind just renting them and trying them out. I would honestly just stick to Canon for now, I have always been eyeing the 5D MII but I love my 7D, does everything I want and more, but for few interesting cameras the ones below have peaked my interest.

  • Sony A77
  • Sony A65
  • Leica MP-9
  • Lumix GF3
  • Sony NEX-7


Stash your savings in this DSLR bank ’til you’ve got enough dough for the real thing. Slip your coins in through a hidden slot in the lens for safe keeping, or until you need to feed the meter. Aside from the coin slot, this hyper-detailed bank looks just like the real deal. It even has all the buttons and switches of a real camera, plus a viewing screen and a detachable lens!

Photojojo come up with the most unique photography accessories and items that you can think of. And this time around they have made a life like fully detailed bank to resemble a DSLR, the first time I saw the pictures I thought it was real. Even in the pictures next to the real thing its pretty deceiving how real it looks. For only $24 its pretty cheap for a highly detailed DSLR Bank and its very very cool, I would mind having one on my desk.

Link: PhotoJojo

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Street Fighter Stop Motion – Ryu VS Ken

The last few games of Street Fighter have been amazing and I hope that they come out with an animation soon, I never get tired of the Streetfighter Saga. Now this stop motion animation is a work of art, it looks so damn good and surprisingly this all took two days and was done with a Nikon D5100 with very little special effects.

Australia Timelapse

I wanted to share with you this video which i captured during my 17 days trip in Australia After days of capturing under the rain , top of mountains , at -7C and almost everywhere ;) my timelapse is online you can check it out now

I got an email from Abdulrahman of Damon Productions and he put together a very nice timelapse video of his trip to Australia. I for one love Timelapse videos especially well done one’s such as this, I’m trying to put a timelapse video myself but I’m trying to find the right subject to work on. For now you have this very cool timelapse of Abdulrahman’s trip to Australia.


There isn’t a child in this world that wouldn’t want to be the pilot of a fighter jet, especially when the plane is stealth plane. I remember the first stealth planes that were flown during the Gulf War, the F-117A, I couldn’t even forget its name and the way it looks. And now they have finally released the new F-35 Lightening II stealth fighter, which has been in development for a long time, and from the images it looks like Star Scream from the Transformers, with the same tattoo design across the body of the plane.

Link: Gizmodo

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Jaun Francisco Casas The Magician With A Pen (NSFW)

These images created by Juan Francisco Casas is nothing short of magic. He is an amazingly talented artist from La Carolina in Spain, and using ballpoint pens he creates these massive photorealisitic drawings of himself and the beautiful women in his life. I am honestly envious of his skill with the pen, I didn’t believe that these were pictures when I first saw them but his skills are fantastic.

Link: HypeMuch

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STUCK – A Long Layover

For Formula Drift photographers Larry Chen and Joe Ayala, a lengthy layover in the empty Dallas/Fort Worth airport meant an all-night playground since their flight home was cancelled. Armed with $30k worth of camera gear, the two set about creating Stuck, a playful documentary of their time alone with DFW. I wish I had their camera and photography gear.