The Aurora

Landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd spent four years looking to create a timelapse of the aurora borealis or northern lights, then finally flew two hours north from Norway in a park bordering Russia and spent a week capturing one of the biggest displays in recent years.

If you know your epic movies then guess the soundtrack!

NegativEffect On SpeedHunters

Our friend Abdulla at NegativEffect has just been featured in an amazing online site, SpeedHunters. Recenlty at the Bahrain International Circuit the guys went for a track guy and came across something they weren’t expecting. They saw the Toyota Ex-F1 Team testing Formula 1 Tires for Pirelli which was an amazing experience since they were telling them what they do, and explaining them the details of the car. Toyota pulled out of F1 but they are using their F1 team for consultancy services, and this one was contracted out to Pirelli. Abdulla took amazing pictures that you can find on his blog and turns out that he wasn’t the only one that thought his photographs were amazing, SpeedHunters posted about it as well and you can see the link below. I keep nagging him for more photographs because he does an amazing job.

Link: SpeedHunters
Link: NegativEffect

Lens Hero

Getting a DSLR is relatively easy these days but picking a lens is a daunting task. There are so many different kinds and brands of lenses and it takes a lot of research to figure out the right type of lens to purchase, the selection is huge. What Lens Hero does is unravel this whole mess and give you a large selection with all the types of criteria that you could think of and then they tell you what the lenses are good for and its best and worst qualities. For any photographer this website has fantastic amount of information, I try not to look at it so I don’t purchase any more lenses, you can never have too many lenses.

Search & Adjustment Criteria:

  • Wide Angel Photo Length
  • Telephoto Focal Length
  • Price
  • Camera
  • Lens Type

Then they give you all the details of each specific lens when you look at the details of the lens.

Link: LensHero

Shots In London

London is a very inviting city, easy to walk around day and night, and its pretty camera friendly, I would point my camera and nobody would really notice. The weather was really nice to walk around all day and night, even when it was a little cold it was still fun to walk outside. The best part in late November is that they started putting up Christmas decorations in all the major streets and some of them were beautiful.

It gave a really festive feeling throughout London and you could feel people going crazy making sure they get their Christmas shopping done. The mistake I made those days was whenever I would see it being a sunny day I would assume it would be warmer, I would dress lightly and head out only to realize that it is even colder then when it was cloudy the day before. Some many good places to eat while we were there, and the food in London is just amazing, almost every cuisine tastes fantastic there. Luckily I left London before the snow storm came in, but I would still enjoy walking around in London.

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Stormtroopers 365

I can never really get enough of Star Wars and everyone always thinks of the Stormtroopers as nothing interesting but these shots tell a bit of funny story. This project from Stefan was to take daily shots of Stormtroopers TK455 and TK479 for one year, starting April 3rd 2009 and ending April 4th 2010. A lot of them are very creative photos and amazing shots, the titles on some of them are hilarious, and I just posted a few of my favorite pictures in this post.

Link: StormTroopers365

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Rio’s Drug War

This has been in the news recently, the slums of Rio are filled with Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers, and it has been like that over a decade now. Now it seems the Government has decided to do something about it and they are going in Full Force with the police and military. If the drug dealers and gangsters dont surrender its a shoot to kill situation, completely cleaning out the slums. In the past the police couldn’t take a step into the slums without getting killed but not they are cleaning things up in the worst of the slums, and there are many slums around Rio. This is probably because the World cup is going to be in Brazil in 2014 and I think the Olympics, and a lot has been written about this insane military action, and I think its good they are taking out the bad guys and its sad innocent people are caught in the crossfire but it should have been done probably a long time ago. I picked a few pictures which tell the story, but click the link to BigPicture below to get a lot of amazing and graphic pictures.

Link: BigPicture

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Metroid – For Real!

Swedish student Jenni Källberg – otherwise known as the world’s greatest Metroid cosplayer – is back, taking imitation of Nintendo’s sci-fi starlet to a whole new level.

I always thought of Metroid being a guy, then I realized that in the game that Metroid is a female. And just like the game a cosplayer from Sweden has perfected the Metroid in both of their forms. It takes a lot of dedication to make a real life suit identical to the game, and she has put some effort into it, and the photography work is excellent.

Link: Kotaku

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Photography Ban In Kuwait – False

Now this is an interesting development, it seems that the article published by the Kuwait times was a mistake. I previously posted about the article about a week ago, and I was infuriated, I couldn’t believe that could be enforced or let alone happen in Kuwait. Well I am thankful that it was a mistake based on Kuwait Times’ retraction below and I hope a law such as this is never even considered. Check out the article in the ArabTimes talking specifically about Photography and our Civil Liberties. Link: ArabTimes

On Saturday, November 20, 2010 the Kuwait Times published an article titled ‘Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists’ in which incorrect information was provided. The newspaper regrets failing to verify the information. The article wrongly stated that a ban on DSLR cameras was implemented by the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance. This information is false. In a follow up investigation, it was proved that no such ban has been issued. We regret this error and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you Moayad

Millenium Falcon Found in Dubai

Looks like we have found the Millenium Falcon and its being built right next to Emirates Towers. The All Terrain Armored Transport or AT-AT of the Empire coming out of the mist in a Dubai intersection looks like it is ready to to some damage. I don’t know where these photographs originate from as I don’t read Japanese as of yet but I love them, especially the construction yard ones.

Link: WiredVision

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Light Graffiti Cars

Marc Cameron and Mark Brown have a talent with cameras and lights. Over the years I have seen people make funny objects from light photography and some very skilled pictures, but these guys took it to another level. With lots of very enticing vehicles like the Ariel Atom, Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12C, and even the VW Scirocco. With enhanced light, clean lines, and elite motors they have come up with some amazing images. I wish I had the skills to even come up with images such as these but it takes time to perfect it, but if you wanted any of these images on your wall they are available for sale if you click the link below. car images?

Link: Vivarti

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