Flickr – Refreshed


A years late but never too late, Flickr has finally gotten a real make over, now it feels like Flickr loves pictures again. A lot of people have left Flickr, when it was the go to place for pictures in 2006/7/8 it fell back on the support for mobile use and totally disappeared with the rise of Instagram. Yahoo knows how to mess things up, I still hate using my yahoo ID to login, I’m trying to figure out a way to use my Google+ Sign In for that.

The phone App is very smooth, with uploads and edits/filters when uploading from your phone. Viewing pictures is smooth with a nice flow between contacts, people, and searching pictures. Its a vast difference then what it used to be to this current form and I’m really liking it, to the point that I have started using it again. You can easily comment and follow up on your activity on your phone, its great, for photographers this is much better for their pictures, Instagram has larger following but they were ahead of the game. Still if you liked Flickr before and hated that they went stagnant then you will love the much needed update of Flickr.

Link: Flickr


Picking A Typeface


Now this is an interesting process for picking a typeface, this is honestly a perfect thought process to match the typeface you want. It used to confuse the hell out of me when choosing fonts for different purposes, I would honestly write the words in Microsoft Word and go through applying the different fonts to see which one I like, it was a ridiculously tedious process and most of the time I didn’t come out with good results. But this is honestly an excellent process, recommending certain fonts to different purposes, people might say its a bit limiting but I think its useful when you don’t know what the hell your doing, which is my exact situation. I even enjoyed the questions that were put into the thought process, very fun.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Link: VisualTherapy

Picaboo PhotoAlbum


Sorting through pictures is a bit of a hassle for me, I need to use Picassa some time soon but I don’t even have all my pictures in one location. I take a lot of pictures and not all of them are that good, and sometimes I find old pictures that I wanted framed or events that I want to remember, then I stop my process of organizing and laugh at some of the pictures and remember the fun times. Sometimes one picture isn’t enough you want a bunch, then I get too lazy and stop the whole process and forget about it. So after seeing a few pictures I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them, kept searching online until I came across this site, there are lots of websites which do wonders with your pictures, but I liked the way they would take your pictures and integrate them into a photo album in any way you want and pictures of different sizes and qualities. They range from $10 to $350 and you can still customize even more, I really liked the Flush One which is starting at $350 and the quality is very high you can see from all the pictures online. they have different kinds, ranging from paper, to leather, to plastic, and different styles.

Link: Picaboo