Picaboo PhotoAlbum


Sorting through pictures is a bit of a hassle for me, I need to use Picassa some time soon but I don’t even have all my pictures in one location. I take a lot of pictures and not all of them are that good, and sometimes I find old pictures that I wanted framed or events that I want to remember, then I stop my process of organizing and laugh at some of the pictures and remember the fun times. Sometimes one picture isn’t enough you want a bunch, then I get too lazy and stop the whole process and forget about it. So after seeing a few pictures I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them, kept searching online until I came across this site, there are lots of websites which do wonders with your pictures, but I liked the way they would take your pictures and integrate them into a photo album in any way you want and pictures of different sizes and qualities. They range from $10 to $350 and you can still customize even more, I really liked the Flush One which is starting at $350 and the quality is very high you can see from all the pictures online. they have different kinds, ranging from paper, to leather, to plastic, and different styles.

Link: Picaboo

GoogleReader Shrinkage


I use Google Reader to read most of the articles on websites and only comment if I want to, but most of the time I don’t even go to the website. That made things a lot easier and I was able to read a lot more with Google Reader but as of the last few months a few main websites have really changed the way they are presented on Google Reader:

Some of the Bigger Ones:

  • Gizmodo
  • io9
  • Kotaku
  • Valleywag

Now these websites only show picture and some information about the post, a small clip of the full post, but not the whole thing. This has become really annoying and a loss for them because I don’t get to read a lot of the posts as I used to, sometimes something interests me from all the pictures and information but I don’t even see that anymore. If I find something really interesting about the title then I open the post, but sometimes products, reviews, or news might be missed because you never know what else might be there. I don’t even know how to control your content on RSS feeds, if pictures show or not or the whole post or small clip, but this is annoying. You could change your view in GoogleReader from Expanded to List view, but even in Expanded view you only see a small clip.

Osaka Dog – Picture


There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Japan, I always enjoying reading up about it and other things that are going on. I find their culture interesting as well as everything else they do when it comes to anime, manga, electronics, and food. This picture I love, taken in Osaka with an Akita hanging his owner from the rear while he is biking his way to their destination. An Amazing photo.

Link: Flickr

Streets Of Plaka

Old streets always have something to tell you, some of these streets are hundreds of years old and you can feel it when walking around. Plaka is the old city of Athens, so much to see, so many old colorful two story buildings around the area. I enjoy areas such as this, I can spend all day walking around here. Greeks are a happy people, and they love cafes, I kept walking there for over three hours and the same people kept sitting at the same cafe’s with more cups of coffee on the table and some sweets.

After walking some time I could feel my stomach start grumbling. The weather was perfect, cold and sunny, so Speeros told me he would take me to the perfect Kabab place to get a bite to eat. I honestly got lost from so many turns we took, luckily he knew these streets like the back of his hand. I was surprised to find the ancient ruins in the middle of all this, and its a large plot of land, nothing small, its fantastic seeing places such as these.

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Mexico’s Drug War

I read up on this every once in a while, but these pictures are eerie and amazing at the same time. You always hear people say pictures are worth a thousand words, I think these pictures speak a lot about the Drug War. This is one amazing photographer or photographers who took these pictures, check out the link for more pictures.

Link: TheBigPicture

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I’m always looking for good photography shots, too see what others have done or the angles they take the shots. I came across these pictures and was amazed at how alive they are. I have to admit that I love Huskies, they are just amazing looking dogs and very friendly with beautiful eyes, I think thats what drew me to the pictures. Click the link for a lot more interesting pictures.

Link: BigPicture

Moo Mosaic Frame

Moo is a printing company which produces a lot of very cool products, and it is attached to Flickr. I have seen it for years but didn’t bother making anything of it. Until recently I just started putting a few things together and one is the MiniCards from all the pictures and to be used in the Moo Mosaic Frame. Its a really interesting frame were you take 20 MiniCards to create a beautiful mosaic, I have just ordered my mini cards from some of my pictures and if it comes out nicely then I will be ordering another one with family pictures, you just have to make sure that the pictures can be cropped in a nice way.

Link: Moo

iPhone Picture Patchwork

The one thing or really one of the things that people complain about the iPhone is the camera and how crappy it is. But this guy took some interesting pictures and manually stitched them together to create these patchwork panoramas. I would try taking shots like these but it would be really tough to stitch them together to get the creative image because I am horrible at photoshop.

Link: Flickr

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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens

I tend to use my camera a lot, I have gotten used to using my DSLR even if it isn’t the most compact. I have had my eye on the 100mm Macro Lens since last year and after find the price dropped I decided to purchase it. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, very crisp clear pictures, brings out the details of the object, I just have to find the right situation to use this lens. The build is what you can expect from a Canon Lens and focuses relatively quickly, and I have included some shots using this camera for a large or small object. I’m still far from the full potential of this lens, but I am enjoying the beautiful pictures that you can get from using it. I would recommend this as a fourth of fifth lens if you like taking Macro pictures.

Link: Amazon


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