Kuwait – Price Savvy?

While walking around in the Dubai Mall I saw the Cinema 1 shop which sells cool movie memorabilia, right next to the movie theater. They have a lot of Star Wars items, G I Joe, Predators, and other cool movie items. Then I see the War Machine Bust above, I have the Iron Man Bust so I thought to complete the team. I asked for the price and they told its 1500 Dirhams which is insane, it costs $80-$90 with shipping to Kuwait probably around $150 but they were asking $410 for the same product. I always thought that certain items they have over priced in Dubai, it might be the same in Kuwait, but in Kuwait it wouldn’t sell. Because of the way the customs operate in Kuwait they make it difficult to import items for companies to sell so we get annoyed and that created the market for forwarding companies such as UShopWeShip and Aramex, I’m not sure if that service is available in the UAE but for us who live off ordering online its an amazing service. So ridiculously priced items in Kuwait or any other country for that matter isn’t accepted, we try to find the best deal we can.

This is just one simple example, when the iPad and iPhone 4 came out we got it the same time if not earlier then Dubai. We had insane pricing when it first came out but prices dropped quickly as competition grew, at first they were more then double or triple the price and it drops like a rock within a few weeks. Dubai usually hovers a little above us when it comes to Apple products for some reason, when the first wave came in they were about 20% more then the prices in Kuwait and they were selling like crazy. Overall Apple products are more expensive in Dubai but other consumer electronics such as TVs are cheaper in Dubai. I think in this matter people in Kuwait are always looking for a better deal.

The One – Overpriced


I have gone to a few places to check out furniture over the last few months. Recently I saw a couch in The One that I wanted, when I saw it in February it was around 599 KD for the 1.5 seater which is a bit on the high side for a product made in China. I left it at that, then by May I passed by again to find it for sale at around 425 KD but I didn’t have the space to get it yet. Then I went back in the end of June to check its there and found the same couch for 265 KD, that does tell me something. Now that I can get the couch its gone, and I found something similar and its at the price of 589 KD which is again ridiculous. They do have nice stuff and I went and checked out other places but didn’t find what I want. Then I saw an office chair for 199 KD at The One that I remember seeing for 60 KD a while back, I think they would sell more if their prices are a little bit more reasonable.

SuperBikes in Kuwait 2010


Suzuki GSXR 1000
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: No Warranty


Yamaha R1
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: 3 Months
Yamaha Al Salem


Kawasaki ZX-10R
Price: 4200 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
ZED Motors


Ducati 1198
Price: 6400 KD
Warranty: 2 Years


Aprilia RSV4 R
Price: 4990 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
Bike World


Price: 5990 KD
Warranty: 2 Years
Bike World


Price: 5640 KD
Warranty: 2 Years

Right now in the market you have a lot of choices for machines, from Japanese, to Austrian, to Italian, they have all evolved into the creatures that they are today. This is probably the best selection of motorcycles available in the market period, with a choice of service providers. Some sell motorcycles with a passion and some churn them out like cattle. I have managed to get most of the prices of these machines with their warranty periods, and in my opinion warranty is very important. Out of the bunch Yamaha and Suzuki are the worst and they don’t really care because those machines sell themselves, but oddly enough they have gotten a lot more expensive then they were before. Who would have thought you can buy a full thorough bread Italian beauty for the same price of Japanese engineered machines. Each one of these bikes are suited for a different person, they are all far from the same but I’m still surprised when I was asking around. I’m a huge fan of Ducati and it is still one of my most favorite machines to ride, you feel like your riding a machine with an attitude of its own. KTM came out of the corner punching with the RC8, no one expected a machine such as this from the small Austrian firm. Now out of all of them the best value for riding machine is the Aprilia RSV4-R, everything about it is Italian, the engine, the look, and the attitude, it exemplifies the evolution of Aprilia and it has more meaning then the machine itself. Out of all of them I think the Aprilia is the best value for machine, why go for a Japanese with a bad service save for ZED Motors when you can go for an Italian for a 400 KD difference. When I buy my motorcycle I want it to be from the guy who sells motorcycles not a guy who sells a Corolla and a motorcycle, out of all of the companies I would honestly only approach Tristar, Bike World, and ZED Motors. But still what a lovely menu of machines.

Update: Updated the price of Ducati and included the S1000RR, now thats a full menu.

Zain Data Pricing – 700 KD Blunder


There seems to clearly be some details that you are unaware of when you have a data capable phone. With the Blackberry you have packages for data usage in local and roaming networks but that isn’t the case with any data capable phone such as an iPhone or Google phone. In my case the problem happened with my Google Nexus One by the fourth day in Bahrain during GulfRun my cellphone gets disconnected, luckily I have my BB with me so I call in to check whats the reason and they told me I have a bill of over 700 KD with the 700 being just the data bill not the phone bill and I would have to pay the whole thing off to have my phone unlocked. The problem is that a lot of people are unaware of this point, I had to pay right away and check my bill as soon as I got back to Kuwait. It was a ridiculously damaging bill and its a lot more then my usual bill. In this case Zain has no packages for data capable phone, you have to pay 6 fils per Kilobyte or 6.145 KD per 1MB which is extremely high and adds up very quickly. Since my phone was roaming, updating weather data, downloading email headers, syncing my gmail contacts and more over the past 5 days I got smacked with a ridiculous bill. I can’t believe that Zain being in Saudi and Bahrain can’t have an agreement with its own network for a data plan, the users just get destroyed by this pricing. After that mistake I switched off data while roaming and only connects to data when I connect to a wireless access point.

Vodafone has packages for anyone roaming in Europe in its network, and different packages for roaming outside of Europe. At least you are aware of all these details, and if you aren’t subscribed to it then the service isn’t switched on. If Zain switches off the service someone can easily call in to activate it but instead people get caught in this dangerously quiet pricing plan.

Ferrari 458 isn’t Cheap

There have been a lot of speculation about the price of the Ferrari 458 and its going for $240’000. In Kuwait the starting price is 70’000 for this machine, meaning that it can go up to 80’000 KD or more based on previous pricing schemes of Ferrari in Kuwait.

So now based on pricing the Ferrari California is on a lower scale then the Ferrari 458. As the California starts at 58’000 KD and max’s out at 72’000 KD with all options loaded. But as a luxury car the California is much more luxurious, and that doesn’t include that the 458 will have a Scuderia version which will be even more expensive in pricing.

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