Headcase – Motorcycle Helmet Carrying Case

Headcase is a innovative type of carrying case for crash helmets, New technology and manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce a case from a new design concept that is light weight, strong, durable, and stylish.

I tend to take my helmet a lot of different places and especially when traveling to and from the track, one thing people seem to forget or don’t know is that once your helmet takes a fall off a table or a bad bump its useless because the structure has been damage, even if its a light bump. They are meant to take crashes at over 200 mph/ 300 kmh and make sure that your head doesn’t explode, so I take it very seriously to make sure that the helmet has its structure integrity intact at all times. One of the ways to do that is using a good helmet case when your traveling and in this case I think I have found the best one by far.


  • Hard Textile Case
  • Spring Internal System Holds The Helmet In Place
  • Relatively Cheap Price
  • Fit All My Helmets: Sheoi, Arai, Scoprion, Carberg
  • Easy To Carry and Great for Traveling On Planes

Link: Headcase Europe
Price: $50

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Best Antivirus


I’m surprised how many machines I see without antivirus, the first thing I take a look at is for any installed software and usually I find nothing. It’s one of those initial preventative steps to protect your system from any damage at a later point.


It was the best for a long time, so good that it from being a free antivirus to one you had to pay for. It seems to always keep your machine updated and on top of most of the little bugs that bother your machine. I have seen it block out quite a few viruses that come through outlook or downloading attachments. They do have a good internet suite which also protects you fro malware and other problems as well. So if your going with the paying option then Kaspersky is your best option.



AVG is the best free antivirus software out there period, I have tried a few it’s always updated and works lightly on your system. It works stabely without bothering your system at all, and it always automatically scans your USB and many time I have plugged other people’s USB’s to find malware and virus, it cleans them out and makes them accessible which is great. Every system must have it installed if you don’t have one in the first place.

I would avoid any McAfee or Norton Symantec software out there, it messes with your machine’s registery and always becomes slower. Some how the machine never recovers from an install of McAfee or Symantec install, if you try pulling it out it seems like it trys to do as much damage as possible before leaving your system.

BMW High Security Vehicles

I know BMW made some beefed up cars, but I thought aftermarket companies made them ready for battle, not a division of BMW. They really take a lot into consideration, completely re-engineering the car carry the extra weight and the different mechanisms to handle the extra security. Its cool that the cars can with stand high caliber bullets and some even prepped to handle mines, the best part of the video is watching them shoot at the cars, I want that job.

Link: AutoBlog

Huper Optik – Vehicle Protection

After a recent paint job at the dealership my car needed protection on the front of the beemer. A large part of the car was repainted and looking very nice, I loved the clean look and I repainted the rims to gun metal grey. A week after the polish I decided to take my car to Huper Optik to get my car protection done, they said it would take about 4-5 hours to get my car done. They asked if I want halfway up the hood or the whole hood covered, and I just wanted halfway up.

They were working on a few other cars while I was there and said I can pick up my car by 6 pm. I dropped my car at 12 pm and they were working on a few other cars, I told them I wasn’t in any hurry to take the car and didn’t mind picking it up later. I wanted to pay my bill now so I can just pick up my car later, it was 185 KD which was discounted from the original 220 KD, side view mirrorss, A pillars, and about 15 cm on the roof of the car. I loved the work once they were done, the curves fit perfectly, no bubbles, no stretching in some areas, perfectly rounded around all the corners as well as around the lights it curved like the body of the car, and the best part is that you can’t see it when your looking at the car. They called me up at 5 pm telling me the car is done and ready to be picked up, I have to not wash it for two days to let the protection take hold before cleaning it again. They did an amazing job and faster then I expected, picked up the car and took off home to take a good look during daytime the next day just to double check.

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iPad Accessories


Right off the bat I would get the Griffin stand, it looks comfortable, solid, and simple to use. Griffin make quality accesseries for Apple products and this is no different, made out of Aluminum and a non-slip rubber surface to hold the iPad in vertical or horizontal mode, the charging point, speaker, and buttons are obstructed with this design. Overall for $50 is very nice.


GelASkin have some funky designs but out of them all this is my favorite, I really wanted something with the Japanese Flag for some reason. Its provides the right type of protection without making it bulky with an outer shell.

Bike Tip – Helmets


How to decide what helmet to get. If you talk to any person who rides motorcycles they always have a favorite which they usually stick to. You want to make sure whats on your head is going to protect you at the time you take a fall, you also want it to be comfortable. Keep in mind that I wear my helmet in the heat and most times, you want the material inside the helmet to be comfortable and doesn’t cause your skin to be irritated.

How to Pick a Helmet:

  • Comfort (head fit, and shape)
  • Comfort (helmet lining)
  • Price
  • Look
  • Racer Afiliation


My most preferred brand based on comfort when wearing them for long periods, and the results when I had a few mishaps and my head is one piece. At the top is Arai, then Scorpion, and also Shoei at the top of the list. Really hot helmets, that protect your head while making you feel comfortable and you look good.


  • Arai
  • Shoie
  • Scorpion
  • Soumoy
  • AGV
  • KBC
  • HJC
  • Bell
  • BMW
  • Icon

Where to Buy Helmets Online:

Protection @ HuperOptik

I had my car worked on recently with a few modifications, and they repainted a part of the car so I no longer had any protection up front. So I decided to get it done at HuperOptik since they did a great job last time, and a the protection on the Landcruiser is holding up to the beating of roads across Saudi and other baren countries. Dropped off the car in the afternoon, they were working on a few cars and one more was outside.

There was one Porsche Panamera S being worked on for tint and protection, they were done with the tint and installing the protection at the time. This is the first time I see a Panemera up close and I kind of like it but really don’t like the rear of the car, the interior looks amazing though. I could tell it belonged to woman because it had a lot of jingly items inside the car, and some pink ribbons. They were also doing tint and protection on a Ferrari California, I really love the look of this car, they were installing protection at the time when I dropped off the car. The reason I like taking my car back to them isn’t just about the product but about the way they handle the work on the car, making sure to cover all the sensitive areas, and the difficult part on my hood is working on the carbon fiber which requires a sensitive touch. I was told to pick up my car the next day at 6 pm, which isn’t too bad.

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Huper Optik – Vehicle Protection

Luckily I got to be the first person to get this service done, I have been nagging these guys for ages now about front protection. They called me up a few days ago and told me that they would take my car for on Tuesday and have it done by Thursday afternoon, I was happy to give them my car to have the work done.

I went to check on the car before my flight to Dubai and there was the main installer and I saw the cutting machine ready to go. It seems all the guys now have pre-cut designs for these vehicles, and they had a huge list of them, pretty much every vehicle from every manufacturer, its an online database that is updated on a daily basis.

The guys started with my car later in the afternoon and so I took off, I called the next day to check on the progress and by noon it was done but they said they need to keep the car overnight to make sure that it is to their approved standards. They did the whole front, including the front lights and fog lights, side view mirrors, A-Pillars, and 3 inches of the roof. All of that for 260 KD which is the standard price of protection, and it fit perfectly. When I picked up the car it was in perfect condition, and nothing looked off instead it was a completely perfect and and in some place in the front I couldn’t even tell it was there, when your standing a bit away you can’t see the lines, its perfect. I also mentioned to them that I might have some paint work done in the front and they said they would put on the protection for free, I was happy to hear that. They will be starting the service for all cars this coming Saturday so all the cars who want protection know where to go.

Link: Huper Optik

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Forcefield Limb Tube Armor

Having the right protection when riding is essential for your long term health. A life threatening injury can be reduced to a bruise or a recoverable broken bone just by having the right type of protection. Those who ride without any protection are putting themselves at risk thinking that nothing will really happen. Minimizing that risk even if its a small amount is the main reason to be wearing this kind of armor.

Going into the product itself, Forcefield are known to be one the best manufacturers of rider protection in the market. I picked up their Limb Tube Armor for my knees since the Alpinestars I had felt very uncomfortable around my knees and would get itchy after a while.

The design of the armor itself is very smart, you slip it on like a sock so it is around your knee the whole time. It does move around slightly when you are walking but you can strap it even tighter to make sure that doesn’t happen, but I prefer to use it without the strap since the back of my knee might get itchy. Right now it I wear it everytime and I have gotten used to its comfort around my knees.

The protection is made from an impact resistant honeycomb design which spreads the impact so that your knee takes the least amount of damage. The protection is from above your knee, half way down your shin and it fits snugly on to you. The is one of the highest quality armor I have seen used and it is well worth it.

Price: £45

Link: Forcefield