PS3 Slim – Has Arrived

The order was placed the day of the announcement of the PS3 slim with one day delivery from Amazon, luckily it was delivered a few days earlier then the suggested September 1st release date, so I received on September 1st. The packaging was very compact and simple, I didn’t expect it to be this small in comparison the normal PS3. Now I have the PS3 even though all my games are in XBox I do have a few games in mind that I want to play with PS3, so I will pick and choose from that selection when I have a chance to head over to rehab, I will buy two games which are easy to play and not too involving so I won’t get too caught up with it.

Now I just have to get a suitable HDMI cable and plug it in to try it out, I haven’t really had the chance yet to play around with it but I’m hoping for sometime over the week to check it out, and I will update it to the latest software edition to get used to that from the start.

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PS3 Slim in September

Sony comes out of the closet and anounces the release of the Sony PS3 Slim, coming out in the september. For $300 you get the 120GB slim with all the bangs and whistles of the normal PS3 but about a 1/3 smaller. After all this time without a PS3, I have decided to go ahead and purchase this one when it comes out, after all that Sony has worked out this is one cool looking machine and now I can get to enjoy the games that Sony has available.

Link: Engadget