Parkour in Mardin – Turkey

Parkour is one of the most amazing things to watch, I am still amazed by some of these people’s physical abilities to pull of impossible looking stunts. It is truly a work of art seeing parkour athletes perform, they really are the modern day ninjas. This video was shot in Mardin Turkey in an ancient city and it is beautiful, the mold between modern moves and ancient architecture is amazing.

Congrats to Mubarak Al Rumaidhi!


Fantastic job Mubarak and the RedBull Drift Competition this weekend! He came in 3rd place, and the first two spots went to professional racers, so on that scale Mubarak is number one on my scale. I would hope that he could participate in the race in Lebanon but that only goes to first place. Lets hope that Mubarak goes on to bigger and better competitions so he can show skills. Thanks to GulfRun, HuperOptik Kuwait, and Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co fo sponsoring him and supporting him in this endeavor. I hope more events such as these take place in Kuwait, and I hope better venues start popping up in Kuwait for events like these.

Thanks to 7ajieDude for the video coverage! Thanks to HisHersQ8 for the great coverage! Loved seeing the photos!

Link: GulfRun