Why I Hate Google – Regional Restrictions

I have been a huge proponent of Google and their Android platform, I love it, its great, flexible and the selection of phones are insane, so many to choose from. I liked what they have done with their Play Store, now its really organized and only getting better. Even with the release of the Nexus 4 I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

My one major issue with them is the region segregation, its annoying as hell, Apple honestly makes no difference what so ever. If your account is registered in the US then you are treated as if you are within the US and get access to all the software, shows, and movies.

Google operates differently, even if you are a US account with a US Credit Card and Address you don’t get access to everything on the US store which drives me nuts. Except if you have a US sim in your phone, but if you have a tablet then it does it based on your location.

While I was in the states I bought Iron Man, Transformers, and Star Trek, just movies I love watching again and again just to see how the Nexus 7 works with and they are amazing movies. And I downloaded it onto my machine not just streaming, so I can take it back home with me to Kuwait and play it normally. Now in Kuwait with the movies on my device it won’t let me play them, are they serious, thats just ridiculous. People willing to pay for whats legal but if you stop them from getting it legally then they will get it illegally, what they are doing is ridiculous, they are seriously stopping a source of revenue, people want access.

Apple products are amazing I will say that about them, even though I hate the company, and even for my love for Google, they have screwed up and they need to learn from Apple that got something right. Fix this already.

Designated War Zone


Over the last year I have noticed a lot of items increase in price, and some drastically like plane tickets. Increase of fuel prices have one part of it, then there are a lot of other factors and one that I never knew of. We are considered a War Zone which causes the cost of items coming to Kuwait to increase in price. One of the main factors is insurance, to insure items coming to Kuwait including the planes flying here have increased three fold. Thats is why shipping costs have increased drastically over the last few years. I bought four tires for my car and it cost 620 KWD when the same tires cost about 480 KWD the same time last year which is a drastic increase, and one of those increases sited was shipping as well as the shortage of rubber.

The List:

  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Yemen
  • Iraq
  • Iran

Surprisingly Qatar is not on the list, and I do not know why some countries like Kuwait and UAE are on that list. With the way things are going we will never be off that list and some costs seem to keep going up instead of down. With all the floods and earthquakes asia has been facing there has been increases in pricing from cars & rubber to hard drives & electronics. I was wondering how countries get on this list and how to get off of it.