Lack of Time Management


When I took a vacation I thought I would get things back in order, get some gaming in and watching some anime. I barely keep up with the shows as well as movies, I’m traveling a lot for work staying late. At the end of the day I’m even too tired to go riding. There are days I just want to stay playing video games all day, when I was int he states I played a lot of Halo Reach and since I came back I haven’t had a chance even though I really want to play the game, it requires dedication and time to play Halo and I don’t want to just play 20 minutes and stop, I usually end up playing for hours. Then there is all the anime that I am missing and I’m going to try catching up with all that I have missed but I don’t know when that is going to happen.

What I Would Do With A Lot Of Free Time:

  • Ride As Much As Humanely Possible!
  • Watch all the anime and tv shows that I’m missing
  • Play all the unplayed XBox 360 & PS3 Games!
  • Go the gym
  • Clean up my room
  • Catch up on the pile of books
  • Reorganize My Network
  • Reorganize all the Cables, Wires and Hardware
  • Reorganize all the folders stored on my Network, I’m getting lost as to where I stored what item

The Little Island

Just before Ramadan we decided to spend the last weekend completely at the shalaih, having fun and relaxing watching tv and swimming. I piled up all the shows I had as well as a few movies that I wanted to see, some good, some crappy, and some just plain funny. The last few weeks have been good since we haven’t had too many dust storms making the water better and better to go swimming and enjoying all forms of water sports.

We got all our energy out on Friday, I think I have more parts hurting me now then when I did when after the gym. We were on a SportsStuff Bandwagon which really beat the hell out of us, because we tried holding on as much as we can and when you fall off its a hell of a fall. So the next day we decided to go to the little Island called Al Halah just at the tip of Mina Al Zour. We took the bought with about four jet skis following us, they kept jumping on the wave made by the boat. When we got there the water was crystal clear and a few people were already there, it was amazingly relaxing. We stayed there for a good hour and a half before heading back, the water was a bit on the warm side but we would get a nice cool under current every once in a while. It was the perfect weekend, water by day, and couch by night.

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BBQ in Bnaider

When going to the shalaih I looking forward to eating some juicy burgers as well as jumping into the water. With the Prime Cuts burgers I really had something to look forward to trying, but now I had to deal with the grill. I had the guys on bread patrol, cutting up the buns getting the ready, and the cheddar cheese was ready.

Now the grill is an interesting story, its big and can handle a lot of burgers, and I love coal bbqing except that you can’t control the flame, which makes professional gas grillers that much better. Now in this case this is a 15 KD griller made from a used barrel, and cut to fit a grill and welded together, and it works perfectly. Now the funny part is that it belongs to one of the guys from 4thringroad, and somehow ended up with us, but I’m using it and enjoying it so I’m not complaining.

Got the burgers on the grill and for the first time about 7 of guys were waiting behind for the food, I had to swat them away like flies. Usually I’m the only one stuck outside cooking in the cold, but this time around they were all just standing behind and annoying me because they were all so hungry. I kept flipping the burgers every few minutes since I couldn’t control the heat and I didn’t want the exterior burnt and the interior being under cooked. The first batch of burgers that were done, disappeared within seconds, they flew through them and some guys wanted more, these are thick burgers.

After about 18 of the burgers there were only a few left and so I cooked it on my time, making sure they are perfect. I would place each bun on the grill for about a minute to get it nice and crispy. The cheese melted perfected with the heat being nice and warm at this point, I took my first bite and loved it. It was really a juicy burger and very tasty, Prime Cuts now has a dedicated customer and these guys do catering too, so if you want someone to come cook your burgers for you, then they come out.

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A Day @ The Beach

The one thing I have to look forward to every week is getting to the weekend. Since its too hot to go riding or do anything else that involves outdoor activities, water sports is your best option. We have been going to the shalaih every weekend possible, even when its an insanely dusty we still go out and relax their, even bbqing with a little dust in the air.

The last weekend the water so pristine and clear it was amazing, I still think that Kuwait has one of the best water fronts in the world and I love it. The one thing that drives me nuts is people not taking care of the beaches and trash in the water, thats not even taking out the damage our waters have taken due to the government’s neglect and our crappy water treatment plants. That aside I just can’t believe how nice the water was, even when we were a good 700 meters into the ocean you can see clear down. And luckily this weekend the water didn’t feel so hot that you are swimming in soup, it felt normal for once with some cool undercurrents. Wakeboarding is still on the map for me but I haven’t had a chance, we are just enjoying swimming and relaxing as much as possible.

The best thing in the shalaih after swimming to chill, get something to eat, and watch show after show, nonstop until your either done with a season or move on to a movie. Now Ramadan is coming up in this heat, its going to be interesting to see who comes back to Kuwait, and if people still go to the beach, I remember last year we still went to the beach house and got in the water and went wakeboarding, but damn we got thirsty.

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Breaking 99


The first stage of losing weight was breaking the 99 KG goal, and now I can say I have broken that point. I have managed to drop about 7 KG over the course of 5 weeks, since I started this the first week of march. I’m not starving myself but I really cut back on the quantities that I’m eating, and I do eat healthy in between. The best part about all this is my bike gear is fitting me again, still got some ways to go but it was an improvement over breathing in and holding to close the jacket, its still a bit tight but a lot better then before.

I’m not counting calories or working out yet, just sticking to water and healthier food then usual. Eating smaller portions then usual helps a lot, you can walk away from the table feeling light, that you are able to get some work done. I eat my muchboos and other items but in smaller portions so I can enjoy the taste without having to eat to the point of passing out. I have mostly cut out fast food without realizing it, and sticking to water only is easy as long as I’m in the movies. I have gone to a few restaurants that I prefer their food when eating light because its tasty and you feel satisfied.


  • Rocca Salad
  • Mushroom Soup


  • Turkey Sandwich


  • Maki Marina Salad
  • Issa Maki

Low Brain Activity

My Friday was a very simple day of relaxing and very little physical activity except for the morning ride which was fantastic, except that it hit 31C at 11:00 am which is too hot for February. Other then that I tried to remain as stationary as possible, the most movement was on the keyboard choosing movies and TV shows, moving to eat food too.

The Day:

  • 3.5 Hours of Riding
  • 8 Episodes of Anime
  • 1 Animated Movie
  • 1 Japanese Movie
  • 1 Movie
  • How I Met Your Mother & Cougar Town sprinkled throughout the day

Its good every once in a while to have days such as these, just entertainment and food. I went out for a bit around 6 pm to change my spot but then went back to watch some TV shows then start the movie.

Weekend’s Over


This weekend was an active weekend for a few of us, I for one got a lot done but didn’t get to relax much. The weather was just perfect, we got just enough rain to clean up the weather, I felt for once there was no dust in the air after all that rain. Then it was perfectly sunny on Sunday morning, and everybody was out that day, the streets were completely full and people were out with their families.

Managed to catch up with some TV shows, almost finished one that I wanted but then we diverted and watched a few movies. We watched Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen again, that is one movie that I really enjoyed but there are two parts that really get to me. I really get caught up when Optimus Prime is killed halfway through the movie, and when Sam Witwicky is killed towards the end. I don’t know what to expect for the next one coming up. I still haven’t had a chance to just sit and play video games but I’m planning for that.

Just A Friday

I had a very simple Friday plan, it was to do everything that I wanted to do and get some things done but no real work was to be done. That was simple plan for the day and at the top of my list was to wake up early, enjoy the weather, and ride. The best part about riding is enjoy the empty streets, and I was getting reacquainted with my machines. Later on in the day it was a True Blood and Halo ODST session, we really spent most of the day indoors trying to do as little as possible, move as little as possible. Some times you really do need one of those days, and we really got caught up with True Blood and we had some Basking Robins after lunch which perfectly hit the spot. Then later on in the evening we installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my friend’s machine which he is going to use as a media portal, and that was some serious piece of hardware.

A great combination for a Friday to relax:

  • Riding
  • Food
  • Video Games
  • Napping
  • Hardware Configuration

Pending Tasks

I had one of those days yesterday when I got back from work and my brain just refused to function. I took a nice two hour nap and didn’t do anything after waking up, the only productive thing that I did was read before going to sleep and that was exciting. Other then that I feel like I wasted my day and I didn’t really accomplish anything.

Whats Left

  • Done organizing a majority of the books but a lot of the comics and novel comics left to be organized
  • Building the server which has been sitting on the floor for a few weeks now
  • Done servicing car but still a few things left to do
  • Pack for traveling

Sometimes there are too many things to do that I don’t even know where to start, and that doesn’t include some maintenance and detailing that I want for my bikes since they haven’t moved in a couple of months

This is the Fesler Camaro with 600 bhp with right type of testing done to that supercharged machine. It looks really mean with that black paint job, and I think it sounds pretty good too.

I saw this youtube of Independence Day, this is probably the best speech possible, just before Will Smith goes and kicks some alien butt. This is one of my top 10 entertaining movies which only requires you to sit down and enjoy the movie, I remember seeing it in the theaters back in the late 90s.


There is always a list of things that I want to do that I never get around to do because of the lack of energy I have when I get back from work. Today I got back around 7:30 pm and it was a long day, the only thing I had for sustenance was KDD chocolate milk and that honestly kept me going.

What I Wanted To Do:

  • Work on Gundams
  • Do some rewiring for Backplanes on Hazmat Server
  • Work on the rewiring for the Logic 80
  • Organize Books
  • A few things I’m forgetting

What I Did:

  • Ate dinner and blanked out in front the computer about to fall asleep and can barely keep my eyes open