Amsterdam – Food & Stops – Love This City


For the 2nd time visitng Amsterdam I wanted to make sure I get to expolore it as much as possible, and every time I like it even more and after this trip I do love this city. It has the unique capability to combine classic with modern design in their structures which I love.

These are the list of places that we enjoyed on this trip and every time we are surprised, some places stuffed in these smalls streets, and those places turn out to be huge, there is no way to tell.


  • Momo
  • IZAKAYA – Sir Albert Hotel
  • Brasserie Harkema
  • The Butcher’s Den – Burger Bar
  • Burgermeester
  • Starbucks The Bank – A very unique Starbucks location

The Red Light District is a must visit, it is just such a unique piece of the history and just something different to see. People walk around there like it is a zoo, well it is sort of like a zoo. Watching the women behind the glass with lots of other people looking to as we all walk by. It is a unique piece of Amsterdam’s night life that isn’t in any other city, not in this way at least. It is really worth a visit because you see some bizarre things and so many people just walking about there and the women in their underwear behind the glass even when it’s near freezing outside. There are different zones which designate where women from different regions are in, and there are areas for transvestites which is very freaky. You have to see it at least once, and you will laugh, there are some hilarious sights.

This is city is full of charm and I love to walk around the city, we ended up walking at least 8 miles a day because of the conference then we keep walking around after that. It is a city built for walking. But when you walk around you have to watch for a lot of things to make sure you stay alive, the streets are a sort of organized chaos. There are car lanes and bike lanes, but scooters can use the bike lanes but not motorcycles, then there are the trams. You have to keep your eyes open for the Cars, Trams, Bicycles, Scooters, & Motorcycles. And there were some close calls because sometimes the sidewalk and bicycle lane sometimes looks similar and these guys fly.

The city has a certain charm with a lot of character and the people are genuinely nice, and it is one of those places that you have to explore in Europe.


In Singapore

There is always a lot to do in Singapore during a visit, I didn’t have enough time to go to all the places I wanted to this time around but we still managed to squeeze a lot into our schedule in 2.5 days. The perfect amount of time is 4 to 5 days and you get to see a lot in the city. The best part is the public transportation, I honestly enjoyed getting into their cabs, the older the better, the older ones are really clean and spacious, there are a lot of new ones and many of them are Mercedes C/E class but the old cabs are worth enjoying. Walking around is just so refreshing, and I love all the udner ground walkways, you literally find so much around these underground malls, to say that Singapore is space efficient is an understatement. This is just a short list of places to go to and where to stay in Singapore, and there is always a new development, and I love that the it is so clean.


  • Long Beach Seafood @ Dempsey Road
  • Ooch @ Dempsey Road
  • Min Chang – Chinese Food @ Goodwood Park
  • Tatsu Sushi – Amazing Japanese & Tapenyaki @ Chijmes

Where To Stay:

  • St. Regis – Right In the Main Shopping Area
  • Ritz Carlton – A Bit far but very nice hotel
  • Marina Bay Sands- Amazing hotel in the new Marina Bay Project but also a bit far

Have To See It Once

  • Night Safari – Lots of Animals to See, and fun show
  • Jurong Bird Park – Every kind of bird you can imagine
  • Orchard Road – All the shopping Area
  • Takashimaya – Like Harrods but a Japanese Chain
  • Cineliesure – All the movies in one building, lots of screens and great popcorn

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Whats Opening in 360

There has been a lot of hype regarding 360 over the past few years, and especially this past month. There was a little delay but hopefully it will be worth it since this is supposed to be an extremely nice mall. I can’t wait to check out the movies they are planning on playing in the IMAX theater hopefully it will be uncut because these days they are switching to digital film. I know they are also building a recreational center that I’m really looking forward to, even we enjoy going to Magic Planet every once in a while so I wonder how this one is going to turn out.

Opening Date: July 5th 2009

These are the ones that are open in this time, and a lot more stores are supposed to open. They had a tough time staying on schedule so a lot of times didn’t have the right time to prepare for the opening, so I’m assuming over the next couple of months the other stores will open as well.

  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • BEBE
  • Cosch Bottegs
  • Geant Hypermarket
  • Freedom Furniture
  • Inter Sport
  • Toys R US
  • Turquios
  • Zahar Allayom
  • Meat Company
  • Cafe Meem
  • Cinema with IMAX + VIP + Theaters
  • Wagamama

Update: Check out 360 Dewans Post on 360 Mall, they have a lot of pictures of the interior, you really get a feel for the mall!

Thanks: Daddyz Girl
Link: 248am