Emirates Twists Canadas Arm

Usually when landing into the UAE any European, American, and Canadian can get Visa upon arrival, but the case has changed in regards to Canadians. The UAE government will be announcing that all Canadians need to apply for a Visa at their Embassy for pre-approval and they may not necessarily get it.

The story behind this is that Emirates Airlines requested to open to new routes to Canada, landing in Montreal and Otawa which the Canadian Government refused. They said that they already land in Toronto which is enough. The Canadians said they have enough traffic and they don’t want anymore.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want more direct routes to the Middle East on an excellent airlines. But the UAE Government wasn’t taking this laying down.

New Wataniya Routes

Recently I have been traveling on and off to different parts of the GCC/Arab Countries. Every time I have a flight come up I always check Wataniya for their available flights to see if I could fly out of Sheikh Sa’ad airport instead of the regular airport. I do wish they start their frequent flyer program already, I would have some air miles racked up. What I found out is that unlike before their schedules have changed for some of the destinations and some work out to my benefit, they used to fly only to four destioinations a couple of months ago but now 6 destinations daily and 2 more on set schedule with only a few days difference. I hope they continue their growth into different areas, and I heard they will be landing in London soon but when exactly I’m not sure. For now I put an extensive list of all their flight times for all their destinations, click the “more” to see the whole long list.

  • Amman
  • Bahrain
  • Dubai
  • Beirut
  • Cairo
  • Bahrain
  • Damascus (Except Tuesday & Friday)
  • Sharm El Sheikh (Only Tuesday & Friday)

Kuwait/Dubai (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 0900 Arrival 1140
2nd Flight – Departure 2040 Arrival 2320

Dubai/Kuwait (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 0005 Arrival 0055
2nd Flight – Departure 1225 Arrival 1315

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