Sci Fi Airshow

The SCI-FI AIR SHOW’s purpose is to preserve and promote the rich and varied history of Sci-Fi/fantasy vehicles. Through display and education we seek to celebrate the classic design and beauty of these ships and the rich imaginations that created them. When the cameras stopped rolling, many of these proud old ships were lost and forgotten. Please join us in working to keep these rare and beautiful birds soaring!

An event for all movie and tv scifi fans, one they can only imagine. These are all photoshopped pictures of what a scifi air show would like, these pictures are created by special effects artists for film and TV. This event is in the mind of Bill George who worked as visual effects supervisor on six Star Trek and two Star Wars films. I would mind getting in the Millenium Falcon or a Battlestar Gallactica Viper.

Link: GeekTyrant

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Royal Pains & Eureka

This was an unexpected show for this year, an interesting hit for the summer TV season. Royal Pains is about an upcoming doctor, Hank, and he chose to save a dying man instead of a pompous bureaucrat who has power in the hospital and that cost him his job, and he has been black balled by the hospital so he is unable to get a job in any major hospital. Went to the Hamptons with his brother for a big party and ended up becoming an on call Doctor for the inhabitants of the Hamptons, be it rich or poor, but the rich ones are a lot funnier or more interesting characters. The story just keeps getting better and better since its pretty different then your usual shows and so many possibilities of how this show could go. It has the medical part which is interesting, and then there are the funny moments. Really a show worth watching.


The United States government gathered all the great minds in one location to give them the freedom to create and test their theories and creations, and under the government’s protection. This is the town of Eureka, and Jack Carter who is a US Marshall transferring his daughter after she trys to run away stumbles into this town and its a lot weirder then he even knows. Some very interesting and funny characters, there are some serious developments but usually its on a lighter note and the cast is great another show to the add to the watch list.