Homeland Security – Search and More

We all know that the searches performed at Airports in the US aren’t random but most of us who travel there tend to accept it as the cost of going and don’t really mind, but not this is going a little overboard. Homeland Security just passed a new directive that these border patrol people can search your digital media, meaning that they can switch on your computer and go through your data, and make copies of your data if they see it as necessary. That includes photo and video data on your camera or video camera, they can store that as well. And this is all based on their discretion, this is for domestic and international flights, so you are at the mercy of government agents who are at the bottom of the food chain being paid very little. The bad part is that the decision is left to these people which I think will be a catastrophic. Just for those who don’t know, if they find any copyrighted data such as movies or TV shows they might act on it. So I think its a time for people to get a little tech savvy in keeping their private data private.

Link: DigitalTrends

In Search of Laptop

I have my Dell Latitude since 2005 and it has been a fantastic laptop. 15.4 inch screen, good quality build, clean and simple design, doesn’t show how much it has been used or abused, a bit on the heavy side but not bad.

The laptop has lasted a solid 4 years with me but recently the power plug area has been a bit iffy. I have to pull or push the wire in a certain direction to get it to charge, and the problem is the plug is connected to the motherboard. I checked with Dell in Kuwait and they said they have to replace the motherboard and it could cost somewhere between 170 KD to 250 KD since it was out of warranty, I was shocked. No motherboard for desktops come close to it except the very high end ones but this isn’t a high end desktop its a normal business laptop.

So at this point I’m looking for another laptop and checking out my options. I’m thinking about getting another Dell Latitude, because I like the clean cut design, and business laptops are much better built then consumer laptops and they are decently priced.

Main Purpose of this laptop:

  • Multi-Tasking
  • Photo Editing
  • Watching HD Shows/Movies
  • Work Tasks


  • Bright screen
  • Long Battery Life (3.5+ Hours at least)
  • SSD
  • PC Card/Express

Thats about it for now, but I’m also looking at the XPS line of laptop. Still I’m leaning towards the Dell Latitude. I don’t like any Lenovo laptops, I keep thinking it was designed in the Soviet era. I don’t like HP laptops either, tried them and didn’t like them, I feel they are lacking in power.