Suits – Hell Of An Ending – Season 3 & Counting


If you don’t know about this show or haven’t watched it then you are really missing out. For the third season of the show turned out to be the best, wrapping up a long plot with battle of the law offices and one very big client. This is one intense law drama with it’s very unique characters, and the its the characters that really pull you in Donna Paulson (Harvey’s Secretary) is my favorite by far, I want a secretary like her.


Mike Ross is still on edge with the firm but he is getting ballsier and more confident this season and I am especially liking Harvey Specter with his twists and turns as well. This is one of the most entertaining shows this past summer, and yes the summer has past but if you haven’t seen this show then watch it you will not regret it.


Game Of Thrones – An Epic Third Season


Every season just keeps getting better, and from what some of the critics say, the show is getting even better then the book. I’m expecting it to last two more seasons, and for them to wrap up this insane show. I only read the first book, but I heard book 4 and 5 have too much information, but the show has brought some of these characters to life and in season 3 you either hate someone more or love them more. I don’t want to ruin the show for anyone, and I watched the show all one go, I didn’t watch episode as it was released, in a 24 hour period I watched all the episodes so after eating and breathing Game of Thrones I really wanted more, and episode 9 is EPIC, I love that the keep you on your toes in this show. You get invested with some of the characters and they throw an unexpected twist your way. The best two characters in this show by far are Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion is the only man standing up to the bastard King and he says exactly what you are thinking. Daenerys Targaryen has developed into something bigger and more fierce then I thought she could be, she takes the most decisions in the storyline that she literally makes you want to stand up and clap, she can have her own show the way she is going, I’m looking forward to seeing how they bring this all together.


The Walking Dead – Epic Show

This show is in it’s third season, and it has received a lot of well deserved praise, and nothing has been able to match it on the zombie type of shows. The third season has turned out to be even better then the first and second season combined. I watch a lot of shows one of the few shows that have moved me is 24, and now after this past week’s episode I almost shed a tear, it was intense. This show is damn good and if you aren’t watching it then you are really missing out, I love a good scare a night.

White Collar Season 3

Neal Caffrey and Agent Burke are at it again, the show picks up from last season and does not disappoint at all. If you haven’t seen this show then you are missing one of the great ones. This time around Agent Burke suspects Neal of stealing the Nazi Art stash, he doesn’t believe it to be destroyed. Each episode is thrilling with bits of Neal and Burke dancing around each other, and Neal in personal dilema, he doesn’t know what he wants, his current life or the one last great steal. The last episode sums up with an epic ending leaving you wanting season 4 to start right away, what a great season.

Sons of Anarchy – Season 3

The Bad Ass Bikers were back for a crazy season, an intense action packed show with the boys fighting on two fronts and heading to Ireland for a big showdown with the IRA. As usual the Sons of Anarchy were in some intense situations with the Mayans and had to find a way to get to Ireland to find Able. A great cast with a great story I have really gotten hooked on this show and watched all 13 episodes of this season one shot and loved every episode, and luckily it has been renewed for season 4 and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. If you haven’t watched the show then you should its a great show from FX and very original and intense.

Chuck – Season 3


Chuck is no longer the blundering nerd that works at a Buy More with a huge amount of secret intelligence stored in his head. One those very good rare comedies that can carry a story and keep it going with some very interesting characters, Morgan is hilarious and this time around the show has taken it up a notch. Chuck 2.0 is something from the Matrix with a more entertaining twist and a touch of comedy, I like how they are taking the story and there seems to be another story developing in the background, I’m enjoying this show.

Battlestar Galactica – End of Season 3 (Some Spoilers)

I have been watching this show religiously, but recently I came to a bit of a stump so I haven’t seen it for a while. This week I decided to finish season 3 since season 4 which is the last season of the show has come to an end. I started at episode 6 which is where I stopped off and remember why I was so addicted to the show, I couldn’t stop and everything pretty much went to hell by the last episode.

The Spoilers or my notes:

  • The cyclons are ridiculous that they are still keeping up
  • What the hell is going on with that baby and what does he have to do with everything
  • Gaias Baltar is a prick but he deserves to live
  • Starbuck is back, I thought she was gone
  • What the hell is going on at the end, those four are cylons and how could they tell just from the music, I hope this is explained somewhat in season 4 because that is going to drive me nuts
  • Cylon number Six or Tricia Helfer is a ridiculously hot cylon/human, I love how she is always looking good when they come to interogate her and she does give off that hot/evil/I am innocent look

Fantastic show, I just hope that season 4 satisfies my expectations as I don’t even know what to expect!