The Walking Dead – Epic Show

This show is in it’s third season, and it has received a lot of well deserved praise, and nothing has been able to match it on the zombie type of shows. The third season has turned out to be even better then the first and second season combined. I watch a lot of shows one of the few shows that have moved me is 24, and now after this past week’s episode I almost shed a tear, it was intense. This show is damn good and if you aren’t watching it then you are really missing out, I love a good scare a night.

Show Cancellations


There is a lot of TV shows which are doing very well and they have ordered some new seasons, but these shows are the ones that have dropped, the ones that couldn’t make it. Some should have another chance and the ones below that are the shows that have had a good run and will be missed. This will affect some TV addicts and I for one will have to adjust the shows I’m watching for next season as there will be some empty slots to fill.


Premature Cancellation:

  • Outsourced – Can’t believe its cancelled, its a fantastic comedy! One Season
  • V – After two seasons and the show just kept getting better! Damn it I wanted this show to go on
  • Shit My Dad Says – Come On! It was funny! One Season
  • The Event – 1 Season! It was getting better!
  • No Ordinary Family – The SciFi familiy that got lost! One Season
  • Caprica – After One Season and we still want more BSG!
  • The Defenders – They were funny! One more season please!
  • Hell Cats – It was pretty good but wasn’t expecting it to survive!
  • Lie To Me – No More episodes! Its done! At least The Mentalist survived!
  • Stargate Universe – Only Two Seasons! Come on it was good! There was to be a Stargate Show!
  • Mad Love – Come on! It just started it and I’m loving the show, how can it be cancelled already!


Coming To An End (A nice run):

  • Entourage – After 8 Seasons! Still haven’t watched it!
  • Greek – After 4 Seasons it did pretty well!
  • Friday Night Lights – After 5 Seasons this show was fantastic! Loved the football drama!
  • Rescue Me – After 7 Seasons this was an intense show! Denis Leary is good!
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl – Four Seasons now that was an interesting show!
  • Smallville – After 10 Seasons we want be having a Superman anymore! I remembered first watching the show from when it started.

Upcoming Shows of 2011

There are a lot of good shows this up coming season, and some I’m very much looking forward to like V, it seems they have really worked on the story to make it a blockbuster for this season and I hope it keeps going. The new Spartacus seems pretty good, I’m just hoping its as good as the original. This list will be added to the usual shows I’m following, I’m honestly confused as to which episodes I have reached with each show, these days I’m losing track.

  • The Cape – New Show
  • Games Of Thrones – New Show
  • Falling Skies – New Show
  • Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena – Season 2 or New Season which depicts the Prequel
  • Justified – Season 2
  • V – Season 2

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 2011

Hawaii Five-0 – Fantastic!

One of those crazy anticipated shows of the season and it turns out to be even better then expected. There have been a lot of remakes over the last few years of old shows, and there has been some good buzz for Hawaii Five-0 but there were still some skeptical people. Once I heard the theme song I knew that I would love this show, I remember watching the original on AMC in the states and its a lot better. The remake does justice to the show, the remixed original theme song is very fun, the storyline is good, and they have some very good characters with some old school lines thrown into the mix that you will remember like “Book ’em Dano”. This show is a must see for this season, and the best part its in Hawaii.

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