Starbucks Marketing

I think we would all agree that there is Starbucks in every corner in Kuwait, to say that Kuwait’s market is saturated is an understatement. But I will admit that I do like Starbucks, depending on my mood I like to have either a Mocha Frappachino or Raspberry Frappachino. A lot of people go in and out of Starbucks at different times, I tend to go every blue moon during the day, I never visit during the night. Well it seems that Al Shaya’a are paying very close attention to their sales, sales at night seems to be dropping based on the marketing scheme they currently have. On my last receipt I got stamp stating I will receive a 25% discount from my next purchase after 7:00pm, and I think that is genius on their end. It seems they are paying very close attention to their trends and how things move with them. One thing I still don’t understand is why they don’t allow tips, sometimes I do want to tip them, but there is no tip jar and they don’t accept it as if they are afraid of the tip or who might see.

My Gulf Car


A new car listing website popped up in Kuwait or more like the GCC, there are a few of these around these days. I have been tinkering around with the website for a bit now and I like the interface, its intuitive and there are a lot of cars use and new. But they do offer different services then the normal car listings.

  • To list your car you just have to create a username and login, uploading 4pics is free
  • There are listings for Kuwait & UAE, Almost 4000 cars at this point
  • KSA will be added soon
  • They can help arrange shipping to your home, pick up from seller and deliver to driver, which is pretty good

Overall a good listing with content I spent some time going through the cars, always fun to see whats being sold.

Link: MyGulfCar