Sonos – ZP90

Having this music system integrated with my iTunes library and internet radio services has been great. I have had the Sonos system since 2005 and decided to expand it to another location which is the media room, and so I purchased the ZP90. A solid piece of audio hardware plugged right into my Onkyo A/V to route the sound through the Home Theater Speakers. Plugging it in and setting it up took less then 10 minutes and music was blasting through smoothly, I plugged it into the A/V using RCA cables but I’m planning on upgrading it to an optical connection when I get the cable. Overall an excellent piece of hardware for any music fan.


  • Simple Setup, Hit Mute & Plus Volume to add it to your Zone
  • Compact & Small
  • Quality Build Product, It feels solid.
  • Full Integrated Music System – Internet Based Music (Rhapsody,, Sirius, and more), Music File Server, and seamlessly connects to iTunes
  • Connects direct to speakers or to A/V to use large speaker system
  • Sonos iPod Application can control the system, or through the computer, or through the CR100 or CR200 remote


  • Price – But you pay for the quality of the product.

Link: Amazon
Price: $349
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Review: Sirius Satellite Radio Online


Out of the Satellite Radio companies I used to prefer XM but now I’m a huge fan of Sirius but the best part is they merged and a large selection of channels is available to Sirius Satellite Radio Online Users. It’s great how they made the service modular, if you have a Sirius subscription then you get the online service for free, but if you don’t then you can receive it for about $2.99 per month which is very low for the amount of channels and quality.

What I Listen To:

  • Sirius XM Hits 1
  • 20 on 20
  • Sirius XM Chill
  • BPM (Dance)
  • Hip Hop Nation (Rap/HipHop)
  • The Heat (RnB/HipHop)
  • Sirius NFL
  • Howard Stern
  • Blue Collar Comedy

Real Usage:

  • You can listen to it through your iPod Touch/iPhone, there is a laptop application or launch from a browser for it, you can listen through music systems or table top systems such as Sonos or Grace Radio.
  • The quality is fantastic, and integartes with lots of systems, I listen to NFL channel during the games and mos to of the time BPM Dance channel in the back ground. Over the years it has only gotten better with more quality and more channels.

Link: Sirius Internet Radio